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. I hereby attest that my medical condition has been verified as suitable to undertake a course of physical activity by a licensed medical practitioner.
. I hereby acknowledge I have read, understand and agree to abide by the Geelong College Recreation Centre Membership Policy and the conditions therein.
. I hereby consent to receive medical treatment advisable by medical practitioner by a qualified member of staff to prevent injury or illness during centre use.
. I the undersigned, as an application for a membership for myself and my stated family members (as electors), hereby waive all and any claim, right or course of action for which I might sustain or suffer loss of life or injury of any description, consequent upon my participation or use of Geelong College Recreation Centre and programs.
. I hereby acknowledge I have sole responsibility for my personal belongings and equipment during participation and use of Geelong College Recreation Centre and programs.
. I hereby agree to accept advice, guidance and instructions provided by qualified Geelong College Recreation staff only, prior to and during participation and use of all Geelong College Recreation Centre facilities and programs.
. I hereby agree to follow all written Terms and Conditions, Behavioural Rules and Notices placed within the facilities.
. I hereby agree that fitness Centre management reserves the right to refuse, revoke and forbid entry and membership status to any person (including electors) not respecting the membership Terms and Conditions.

By typing your name here you agree that the above information is true and correct and formally request a Membership for The Geelong College Recreation Centre.

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