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ZIMMERMAN, Ralph Henry (1923-2009)

Ralph Zimmerman (Prefect, 1941)

Ralph Zimmerman (Prefect, 1941)

ZIMMERMAN, Ralph Henry (1923-2009),

Ralph Zimmerman, lawyer, died at Carmel, Indiana, USA on 10 March 2009 at 85 years of age.

He was the son of H B Zimmerman who managed National Harvester in Geelong. Born in Chicago, he spent much of his early life in France and Australia. He was educated at the College from 1938 to 1941, later serving during World War II in the Military Forces of the United States. In his final year at School he was a School Prefect, a Cadet Corps Sergeant and a member of the Debating Society Committee. In 1941 he was also a member of the 2nd Rowing VIII. He gained a BA at Melbourne University eventually graduating in law from John Marshall in 1951 before marrying Mabel R Asherman in October, 1952.They had three children. He is survived by a son, daughter and five grandchildren.

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