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WORLD WAR II (1939-1945)

WORLD WAR II (1939-1945)

At least 1052 (Affleck) 'Old Collegians' and staff served during World War II. Of these at least 94 (Affleck) are known to have died as a direct result of their military service.

The Memorial Plaque currently lists 898 'Old Collegians' with war service and 90 who died due to their service. There are 5 staff members known to have served. These lists have yet to be reconciled.

Roll of Honour World War II - Collegians listed on the Memorial who died due to their war service:
Honour Roll, World War II in the Memorial Wing Foyer

Honour Roll, World War II in the Memorial Wing Foyer, 2008.

Allen, William Alexander McMeekin
Anderson, David Campbell
Barker, Elvin Boon
Barnfather, Eliot Ralph
Bell, William Francis
Bidstrup, George Ferguson
Biggin, Geoffrey Moyle
Birdsey, Keith Charles
Burleigh, Herbert Keith
Butcher, Eric Thomas
Cameron, Ivan McLeod (1908-1939)
Cameron, John Kenneth
Carr, William Picken
Chalmers, John
Clarke, John Sherris
Cochrane, John Stephen
Cosh, Edward Warren
Coto, Alexander James (1909-1942)
Cumming, Douglas Anderson (1919-1944)
Dardel, James Henry (1888-1941)
Doery, James Frank (1922-1944)
Dripps, Donald Campbell
Fallaw, Charlton
Feddersen, Murray James (1924-1944)
Ferguson, John Boyd
Fiddian, James Moulton
Forsyth, Thomas Jeffery
Gordon, Noel Leslie (1916-1943)
Green, Allan Stanley (1883-1942)
Hagen, Michael Frederick Leslie Hay
Haley, Brian Alexander Evelyn
Hamilton, Irvine Margetts
Hamilton, James Ballingall Douglas
Hamilton, Robert Maxwell
Hatfield, Henry James
Heard, Geoffrey Thomas
Hedley, George Reginald
Hendy, Kenneth Roy
Henry, Ivan Malyon
Higgins, Douglas Vernon (1917-1943)
Hocking, John Wilson
Houston, James Wilson Rock
Jeffery, Douglas Bruce
Jenkins, Douglas Vaughan
Jennison, Alexander Glenn (1911-1943)
Kaufmann, Hope Albert
Kelsall, Thomas Hastie (1919-1941)
King, David Hugh (1925-1946)
Laidlaw, Thomas Trevor
Lancaster, Ralph Charles
Lupton, James Samuel
Lyons, John O'Malley
MacDougall, Allan Douglas
Mann, Eric Charles
Matthews, John Lloyd
Mayne, Reginald James
McDonald, Donald Ian
McKenzie, Bruce Calder
Meakin, Allan Roger
Miles, Robert David
Morrison, David Irving
Morrison, Ronald Lindsay
Muir, Bruce Montague
Munday, Harvey Francis
Murray, Norman Joseph
Paton, Archibald McMeekin
Pidgeon, Stephen Alonzo
Potter, Alfred William
Price, John Evan
Reed, Ian Max
Reeve, Geoffrey Norman
Reid, Frank Clarke-Dickson (1918-1945)
Rix, Albert Ronald
Roadknight, Frank
Roberts, Edwin Ronald Brooke
Robertson, Colin Trewin
Robertson, John Charles MC VD (1894-1942)
Shave, Osbourn Sydney
Smart, Edward John
Smith, Herrick John
Stanley, James Clifford
Stewart, Alister Ian
Stewart, John Galloway
Stinton, Frank Victor
Stoker, James Poe (1913-1942)
Tait, John Mickle
Taylor, Reginald Lee
Tippett, Arthur William
Tregear, Alleyne Charles
White, Peter John Geoffrey
Wilson, Athol James McLaren
Wood, Stuart
Wood, Vernon Charles
Young, Leo

Known Omissions from the World War II Tablet

Evans, Thomas (1909-1978) No DVA (Service?)
Grace, Patrick Clifford Campbell (1912-1994) (Service)
Watson, Lindsay Ernest (1916-1994) (Service)
Hodges, Harry Noel (1915-1981) (Service)
Jones, Alan Lindsay (1919-2013) (Service)
Ingram, Allan Nicholson (1918-2013) (Service)
Kennedy, Norman Leonard (1893-1976) (? Service)
Mackinnon, Charles William Godfrey (1917-1996) (Service)

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