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WILSON, Alan Fullarton (1857-1917)

WILSON, Alan Fullarton (1857-1917)

Poet and lyricist, Alan F Wilson briefly rose to prominence writing lyrics for several songs, including the Geelong College's 'Jubilation' , the music of which was composed by Rev Alfred Wheeler of All Saints Church.

Alan F Wilson commenced as a day student at the School in about 1870 before moving to Scotch College, Melbourne from 1872. He first appears in the Geelong College enrolment register in 1871 but is earlier noted in the prize list of 1870 as winning 2nd Prize for Writing in the 2nd Class that year.

Enrolment Register Detail, 1871.

Enrolment Register Detail, 1871.

He married Margaret Jean (Jane) nee Tuite in 1897. He also published poetry in Pegasus during the period 1911 to 1912 when his son, John Archibald Fullarton Wilson (1900-1982), first started attending the College.

Alan Wilson.

Alan Wilson.

Though he often wrote 'serious' poetry he also wrote much lighter material including the following examples:

On a Divorcee.

Poor soul, she drains a bitter cup
Who ventured to philander,
Hope now no longer buoys her up,
Since Justice has unmanned her.

Johnson v. Burns.

Impregnable as 'Gib' black Johnson stands,
His triumph over Burns is quite complete,
And since he's proved the best man with his hands,
Men's mouths are full of his prodigious feat.

Altogether Too, Too.

Quoth Brown, 'I shall go by the two
To Two train, dear, but what about you?'
Said his wife, 'Mr B.,
You shan't go without me,
For I'll go by the two to two, too.

His sons, John Archibald Fullarton Wilson (1900-1982), and Allan Fullarton Wilson (1910-1975) were also educated at Geelong College.

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