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WARRINN (House System)

WARRINN (House System)

See Also Warrinn (Building)
See Also Mackie House (Boarding)

Warrinn was used as both a name in the House System and as the name of a boarding house. As a sporting house it was established in 1921. At the time of establishment the boarding houses were the foundation of the house system but these were integrated into a revised house system in 1951 at which time Warrinn ceased to be used as a distinct House for sports. Warrinn House continued as a boarding facility until 1976 although after the construction of the Mossgiel Units it was occasionally referred to as New Warrinn.

From 1952 to 1961, there were no formal House Captains of Warrinn but either House Prefects or Monitors - often only one House Prefect was appointed.

House Captains:

1930 Stoker, J. P.
1931 Shannon, N. S.
1932 Armstrong, D. O’D.
1933 McKenzie, G. G. C.
1934 Shave, O. S.
1935 Simpson, J. G.
1936 Inglis, T. G.
1937 Kelsall, T. H.
1938 Laidlaw, T. T.
1939 Dykes, C. J.
1940 Tait, A. S.
1941 Ferguson, J. M.
1942 Nall, K. S.
1943 Rolland, D. B.
1944 Elshaug, G. H.
1945 Cameron, J. T.
1946 Stewart, J. O.
1947 Bell, R. A.
1948 Billington, W. J.
1949 Bell, L. A.
1950 Negri, P. J.
1951 Dennis, M. S.
1952 Dennis, T. S. (House Prefect)
1953 McDonald, N. R. (House Prefect)
1954 House Monitors/ Prefects
1955 House Monitors/ Prefects
1956 Dickinson, H. R. (House Prefect)
1957 House Monitors/ Prefects
1958 House Monitors/ Prefects
1959 House Monitors/Prefects
1960 House Monitors/Prefects
1961 Mayne, P. C. (House Prefect)
1962 Balfour, D.
1963 Green, S. T. (T1)
........ Henderson, A. G. (T2&3)
1964 Lawson, D. I. W.
1965 Cumming, R. D.
1966 Young, P. A.
1967 Strachan, J. F.
1968 Williamson, J. G. C.
1969 Young, P. C.
1970 Slattery, J. M.
1971 Sutton, D. B.
1972 Webster, C. M.
1973 Bransgrove, C. E.
1974 Storey, A. R.
1975 Not Listed
1976 House Monitors/ Prefects

Heads of House:

1939-1960 ...... Campbell, J. H.
1961-1962 ...... Bickford, C. A.
1963-1969 ...... Elliott, F. W.
1974-1974 ...... Tattersall, R. B.
1975-1975 ...... Not Listed
1976-1976 ...... Elliott, F. W.


1974 ...... Dale, L. E.

Sources: Pegasus May 1922 p 4; Pegasus, 1959 p 30.
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