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See Also CRICKET (Sport)

The 'W H Hill Memorial Cricket Trophy' was an annually awarded sports trophy from 1947 to 2003, originally donated by J E H Hill in memory of his father W H Hill. The trophy was awarded for the best all-round cricket performance.

John Edward Henry Hill was a student at the School from 1944 to 1950. His father, W H Hill did not attend the College. The Trophy was first presented to R A Bell, the Captain of the 1st Cricket Team, winners of the APS Championship in 1947. This award was merged into the Cricket Fairest and Best Award Award from 2004.

W H Hill Memorial Cricket Trophy Awardees:

1947 Bell, R. A.
1948 Chambers, J. L.
1949 Wallace Smith, G. H.
1950 Macdermid, A. N.
1951 Howden, I. C.
1952 Henderson, B. J.
1953 Merriman, R. W.
1954 Bromell, J. W.
1955 Falconer, P. H.
1956 Philip, A. S.
1957 Hirst, P. N.
1958 Redpath, I. R.
1959 Hood, R. I.
1960 Young, P. J.
1961 Davies, J. E.
1962 Davies, J. E.
1963 Green, S. T.
1964 Sheahan, A. P.
1965 Marshall, P. J.
1966 Farrow, R. W. McI.
1967 Oman, G. G.
1968 Barkley, D. S.
1969 Sheringham, R. S.
1970 Johnstone, T. G.
1971 Torode, H. W.
1972 Mann, J. W.
1973 Oman, W. J.
1974 Nelson, P. J.
1975 Holt, D. M.
1976-1985 Not Listed
1986 Major, S.
1987 Hyland, D.
1988 Simovic, D.
1989 Wiffen, T.
1990 Lochhead, G.
1991 O'Brien, T.
1992 Stephenson, H.
1993 Peake, C.
1994 Peake, C.
1995 Ramm, N.
1996 Craig, G.
1997 Purcell, M.
1998 Morgan, S.
1999 Munro, A.
2000 Waters, A.
2001 Crawford, L.
2002 Cummins, S.
2003 Allan, D.

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