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The 'Veteran's Plate' was a handicap event at the Annual Geelong College School Sports for Old Collegians and was first known to have been awarded in 1899. In 1914, it was won by ‘Dr Potts’ (Norman McArthur) who wrote a number of reminiscences in Pegasus. In 1915, the Veterans’ Plate was a sprint race of 75 yards. In 1928 it was a handicapped race. The award was last listed in 1936 and in common with the other Old Collegian sports events had disappeared by 1939.

Veterans' Plate Awardees:

1897 Not Listed
1898 Not Listed
1899 Longden, F.
1900 Osborne, J.
1901 Bell, R. C.
1902 Garrard, A. F.
1903 Longden, A.
1904 Currie, J. L.
1905 Chirnside, A. S.
1906 Baker, J.
1907 MacMullen, J.
1908 Campbell, A. G.
1909 Palmer, C. F.
1910 McArthur, A. N.
1911 Baird, J. C.
1912 Hope, G. R.
1913 Gillespie, J. A.
1914 McArthur, A. N.
1915 MacMullen, J.
1916 Reid, W. H.
1917 Corbet, G.
1918 Hope, W. W.
1919 Champ, C.
1920 D'Helin, J,
1921 Corbett, G. B.
1922 Elvins, H. F.
1923 Calder, T. C.
1924 Calder, T.
1925 Strong, R. H.
1926 Sandford, E. M.
1927 Pawsey, C. R.
1928 Calvert, S. B.
1929 Butcher, T. W.
1930 Palmer, C. F.
1931 Reid, R. E.
1932 Houston, A. S.
1933 Pillow, A. E.
1934 Purnell, H. A.
1935 Brown, C. N.
1936 Wettenhall, M. E.

Sources: Pegasus, 1914; 1915.

Veteran Athletes at the Annual Coillege Sports, circa 1904.

Veteran Athletes at the Annual College Sports, circa 1904.

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