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Trees noted as significant include five ‘Centenary Oaks’ in the lawn near the Aberdeen Street entrance of the Preparatory School marked with plaques and planted in 1961 to honour benefactor, L M Whyte; Dr Roland Wettenhall (Purchase approval); Very Rev Sir Francis Rolland (Obtaining Site); and Rev G A Wood (Planning of funding appeal); and Arnold Buntine (planning and building). Only three of these retained their plaques by 2002.

In March 1965, three gum trees (xylan rosea) were planted by L J Campbell ‘in the lawn adjoining the new Rolland House’ . L J Campbell was assisted by students Lachlan McLean and Hugh Seward.

(? Three gum trees on the lawn in the Quadrangle of Preparatory School were planted by former Preparatory School Heads: K. Nicolson, J H Campbell, and L J Campbell in 1965. ? Are these the same as above?)

The 'Birdwood Tree' was planted by General Birdwood in the garden outside the original Main Entrance. This garden was removed when Norman Morrison Hall was extended.

Many of the original tree plantings on the School grounds were removed during construction of Norman Morrison Hall in 1911 when a line of pepper trees, a cypress and several pines were cut down by students. More trees were removed in 1912 when the oval was enlarged. Later, a line of pines between the original School block and the ‘Cow Paddock’ were removed. In about 1970, many of the plantings of the original Principal’s private garden were removed, including several substantial trees.

Sources: Centenary Oaks - Ad Astra November 1961.
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