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Originally named the 'Mrs T S Hawkes Memorial Trophy' it was a sports prize awarded annually for Tennis to the Under 15 Tennis Champion from about 1939 until 1955 but then awarded to the winner of the Boys Open Singles Tennis Competition from 1956 until 2002. Prior to 1956, a trophy known as the 'F W Rolland Cup' was awarded to the winner of the Open Championship, however this became the award for the House Tennis Competition in 1956. No named trophy was awarded to girls. The 'Mrs' seems to have been dropped from the title in later years.

Mrs Hawkes had presented awards to both the Senior and Junior Tennis Champions for many years previous to 1939.

The Mrs T S Hawkes Trophy was named after Mrs T S Hawkes who had, for many years, presented the prize to the Open Tennis Singles Winner. The T S Hawkes trophy was last awarded as an open tennis championship in 2002 when the last tennis tournament was held at College. In 2004, a Fairest and Best Tennis award for both boys and girls was introduced.

See Also the Tennis entry for prize winners of the various tennis awards including the Open Singles Tennis Awards from 1912 to 2002.

T S Hawkes Trophy Awardees as Under 15 Singles Tennis Champions

1939 Lowe, A. M. (U15)
1940 Blake, I. G. (U15)
1941 Marshall, D. G. (U15)
1942 Cameron, J. T. (U15)
1943 Dickson, J. E. (U15)
1944 Dickson, J. E. (U15)
1945 Chambers, J. L. (U15)
1946 Bell, D. (U15)
1947 Bell, D. (U15)
1948 Merriman, R.F. (U 15)
1949 Merriman, R.F. (U15)`
1950 Hargreaves, L. J. (U15)
1951 Money, R. D. (U15)
1952 Money, R. D. (U15)
1953 Ballantyne, W. J. (U15)
1954 Lord, S. (U15)
1955 Redpath, I. R. (U15)

T S Hawkes Trophy Awardees as Open Singles Champions.

1956 Ballantyne, W. J. (Open Singles)
1957 Sutcliffe, H. D. (Open Singles)
1958 Redpath, L. R.
1959 Brian, J. D.
1960 Tymms, B. G.
1961 MConaghy, D. R.
1962 Corr, I. R.
1963 Corr, I. R.
1964 Illingworth, A.
1965 Pigdon, R. R.
1966 Unsworth, I. H.
1967 Fagg, B. G.
1968 Fagg, B. G.
1969 Fagg, B. G.
1970 Longton, T. A.
1971 Stokie, G. D.
1972 Wishart, J. L.
1973 Cowan, G. R.
1974 Cowan, G. R.
1975 Osborne, D.C.
1976 Comben,G. M.
1977 Morrison, D. G.
1978 Atkins, P.
1979 Atkins, P
1980 Atkins, P.
1981 Roffey, D. A.
1982 Greeves, D. C.
1983 Salmon, H. J.
1984 Cameron, A. C.
1985 Cameron, A. C.
1986 Cameron, A. C. (Boys)
........ Taylor, L. (Girls)
1987 Cameron, A. (Boys)
........ Taylor, L. (Girls)
1988 Neville, B. (Boys)
........ Taylor, L. (Girls)
1989 Gill, S. (Girls)
........ Wilson, P. (Boys)
1990 Gill, N. (Boys)
........ Taylor, R. (Girls)
1991 MacLean, R. (Girls)
........ Wilson, P. (Boys)
1992 Gill, S. (Girls)
........ Taylor, J. (Boys)
1993 Case, S. (Girls)
........ Lee, J. M. (Boys)
1994 Hamilton, E. (Girls)
........ Lee, J. M. (Boys)
1995 Lee, J-M. (Boys)
........ Not Listed (Girls)
1996 Farr, N. (Boys)
........ Sinclair, M (Girls)
1997 Sinclair, M. (Girls)
........ Sinclair, S. (Boys)
1998 Paton, C. (Girls)
........ Smeeton, L. (Boys)
1999 Goldsworthy, M.
........ Haylock, E.
2000 King, M. (Boys)
........ Wiffen, T. (Girls)
2001 Sheahan, A. (Boys)
........ Tresize, E. (Girls)
2002 Bennett, R. (Boys)
........ Wiffen, T. (Girls)
2003 Not Listed
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