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See Also Swimming (Centenary History Text).

Swimming Sports, Western Beach Baths, circa 1927.

Swimming Sports, Western Beach Baths, circa 1927.

The first known swimming competition was part of a combined sports meeting and picnic held at the popular camping spot the Willows on the Barwon River in 1892. Arrangements for the transport of students and staff using the boats of both the College Boat Club and Barwon Boat Club are described in some detail in the Annual Report of 1892 which reproduced the item from the Geelong Times newspaper. Emil Sander was the notable swimmer on the day. The day also included boat races and a football match.

The modern series of College swimming sports began with the competition held at the Western Baths in the autumn of 1910. In 1914, at the 5th sports, the feature novelty event won by A Waugh was ‘Musical Lifebuoys’ to the music of Hill’s bagpipes. Swimming became an inter-house sport when the House System was introduced in 1921.

The School withdrew from the APS swimming competition at the end of 1973 due to ‘lack of depth’ in the team. In 1974, at ‘the Geelong and District All Schools Carnival the College retained the Strahan Shield for the fourteenth successive year.’ Pegasus noted in 1982, that two new dive events Senior and Junior Girls’ were introduced. In 1996/97 the girls opted to swim in the regular APS competitions on Saturday mornings instead of the irregular Friday night competition. After an absence of 19 years from the competition a boys swimming team re-joined the APS competition in the year 2000 as part of a combined APS team with Geelong Grammar School. The combined College and Grammar team continued in 2001. From 1910 until 2004, the open swimming champions were acknowledged and for a period the Under 17 swimming champions were also awarded. From 2005 onwards an award was made to boy and girl swimmers’ for excellence in the sport. A sports trophy known as the The Geelong College Senior School Swimming Champions, donated by the Senior School Parents’ Association in the year 2000, is awarded annually to the winning House in the Senior School competition.

Notable Swimmers:

Peter John Doak OAM (Olympic Swimmer)
Sander, Emil
'Tony' Strahan (National Champion)
Walter, F D

House Swimming Awardees:

2000 McArthur
2001 Wettenhall
2002 McArthur
2003 Morrison
2004 Morrison
2005 McArthur
2006 McArthur
2007 McArthur

Swimming Champions:

1910 Sewell, H. E.
1911 Richardson, R. A.
1912 Leggatt, W. W.
1913 Hawkes, T. B.
1914 McKay, E. E.
1915 Backwell, C. E.
1916 Backwell, C. E.
1917 Hawkes, T. B.
1918 Coghlan, G. E.
1919 Paterson, J. B.
1920 Russell, N. K.
1921 Griffiths, W. R.
1922 Sproat, A. D.
1923 Griffiths, D. R.
1924 Griffiths, D. R.
1925 Griffiths, A. D. F.
1926 Griffiths, A. D. F.
1927 Griffiths, A. D. F.
1928 Grimwade, P. S.
1929 Grimwade, P. S.
1930 Bartlett, M. S.
1931 Wray, L. N.
1932 McCann, P. M.
1933 Jenkins, D. V.
1934 Morgan, L. O.
1935 Macalister, J. L.
1936 Kelsall, T. H.
1937 Moreton, F. J. H.
1938 Douglas, K. S.
1939 Cosh, E. W.
1940 Just, F. P.
1941 Hyett, B. A.
1942 Charles, R. P.
1943 Spalding, N. J.
1944 Malcolm, J. B.
1945 Rowe, S. H.
1946 Sutterby, T. R.
1947 Caffrey, J. W.
1948 Bullen, A. S.
1949 Bullen, A. S.
1950 Fleming, P. G.
1951 Solomon, B. J.
1952 Solomon, B, J.
1953 Solomon, B. J.
1954 Macmillan, I. W.
1955 Skelton, I. A.
1956 Bent, G. L.
........ Wainwright, J.C.
1957 Powell, J. R.
1958 McCann, D. W. M.
1959 Strahan, A. G. R.
1960 Strahan, A. G. R.
1961 Aiton, D.
1962 Murray, P. R.
1963 Bennett, P. I.
1964 Murray, P. R.
1965 Olsen, B. R.
1966 Bigmore, J. T.
1967 Batten, D. L. H.
1968 Lindquist, D. K.
1969 Lindquist, D. K.
1970 Lindquist, G. J.
1971 Phillips, W. C.
1972 Hocking, P. I.
1973 Head, J. F.
1974 Forsyth, R. K.
1975 Forsyth, R. K.
1976 Millard, P. V.
1977 Schaller, S. A.
1978 Morton, R. G.
........ Powell, C. R.
1979 Morton, G. R.
1980 Morton, G. R.
1981 May, D. I. (Boys)
........ Barrett, L. A. (Girls)
1982 Not Listed
1983 Not Listed
1984 Not Listed
1985 Not Listed
1986 Harris, T. (Boys)
........ McCann, R. (Girls)
1987 Frame, R. (Boys)
........ Moore, S. (Girls)
1988 Frame, R. (Boys)
........ Moore, S. (Girls)
1989 Kent-Hughes, J. (Girls)
........ Mitchell, B. (Boys)
1990 Mitchell, B. (Boys)
........ Turner, A. (Girls)
1991 Shem Fitzgerald, J(Boys)
........ Turner, A. (Girls)
1992 Barrett, J. (Girls)
........ Shem Fitzgerald, J(Boys)
1993 Beckworth, A. (Boys)
........ Williamson, F. (Girls)
1994 Barrett, S. (Girls)
........ Beckworth, A. (Boys)
1995 Beckworth, D. (Girls)
........ Dimmick, M. (Boys)
1996 Collins, M. (Girls)
........ Keeble, W. (Boys)
1997 Deeath, C. (Girls)
........ Macak, A. (Boys)
1998 Ellis, G. (Boys)
......... McMillan, A. (Girls)
1999 Haylock, E. (Girls)
......... Lindquist, S. (Boys)
........ Pettigrove, S. (Boys)
2000 O’Brien, K. (Girls)
........ Pettigrove, S. (Boys)
2001 O’Brien, K. (Girls)
........ Pettigrove, S. (Boys)
2002 Byrnes, W. (Boys)
........ Collins, H. (Girls)
........ Paton, T. (Boys)
2003 Burns-Wallace, D. (Boys)
........ Pettigrove, J. (Girls)
2004 Kerney, L. (Boys)
........ Ulmer, K. (Girls)

Swimming (Excellence and Dedication) Awardees:

2005 D’Altera, E. (Girls)
........ Harbison, S. (Boys)
2006 Curnow, C. (Girls)
........ Phillips, N. (Boys)
2007 Boyd, S. (Girls)
........ Foott, T. (Boys)
2008 Burns-Wallace, T. (Boys)
........ Steinfort, P. (Girls)
2009 Dalton, O. (Girls)
........ Foott, H. (Boys)
2010 Carr, E. (Girls)
........ Kershaw, J. (Boys)
2011 Murrihy, B.
........ Porter, J.
2012 Kershaw, H. (Boys)
......... Murrihy, K. (Girls)
2013 Fenton, E. (Girls)
......... Kershaw, H. (Boys)
......... Murrihy, K. (Girls)
2014 Mahony, F.
2015 Jennett, R.
........ Ng, J.
2016 Allan, B. S.
........ Day, M. L.
2017 Day, M. L.
........ Newton, B. W.
2018 Fraser, B.
........ Robinson, B.
2019 Taylor, M. L.
........ Young, L. E.

Swimming Captains:

1945-59 Not Listed

1960 Strahan, A. G. R.
1961 Aiton, D.
1962 Seward, C. G.
1963 Murray, P. R.
1964 Murray, P. R.
1965 Olsen, B. R.
1966 Menzies, S. J.
1967 Batten, D. L. H.
1968 Roydhouse, J. D.
1969 Lindquist, D. K.
1970 West, T .P.
1971 Kroger, M. D.
1972 Phillips, W. C.
1973 Morton, P.M.
1974 Millard, P. V.
1975 Millard, P. V.
1976 Millard, P. V.
1977 Wood, S. L.
1978 Powell, C. R.
1979 Barrett, S.
1980 Not Listed
1981 Bell, M. B.
1982 Read, P. A.
1983 Not Listed
1984 Not Listed
1985 Not Listed
1986 Not Listed
1987 McCann, R. (Girls)
........ Utting, J. (Girls)
1988 Not Listed
1989 Not Listed
1990 Not Listed
1991 Not Listed
1992 Barrett, J. (Girls)
1993 Williamson, F. (Girls)
1994 Not Listed
1995 Ashby, C. (Girls)
1996 Collins, M. (Girls)
1997 Deeath, C. (Girls)
1998 Strijder, A. (Girls)
1999 Claringbold, G. (Girls)
2000 McDonald, A. (Girls)
Braun, N. (Boys)
2001 Hill, A. (Girls)
Pettigrove, S. (Boys)
2002 Tomkins, C. (Girls)
Richards, J. (Boys)
2003 Bartlett, J. (Boys)
Hill, S. (Girls)
2004 Kerney, L. (Boys)
Ulmer, K. (Girls)
2005 Crowl, C. (Boys)
Sherriff, A. (Girls)
2006 Hurley, M. (Girls)
Phillips, N. (Boys)
2007 Boyd, S. (Girls)
Foott, T. (Boys)
Harbison, A (Girls)
2008 Burns-Wallace, T. (Boys)
........ Steinfort, P. (Girls)
2009 Dalton, O. (Girls)
........ Foott, H. (Boys)
2010 Guthrie, S. (Girls)
........ Kershaw, J. (Boys)
2011 Fenton, B. (Girls)
........ Murrihy, B.
........ Porter, J. (Boys)
2012 Booth, K. (Boys)
........ Drayton, L. (Girls)
........ Weetman, P. (Girls)
2013 Cunningham, W. (Boys)
........ Fenton, E. (Girls)
2014 Mahony, F. (Boys)
........ Panckridge, B. (Girls)
2015 Jennett, R.
........ Ng, J.
2016 McDonald, L.
........ Shannon, H.
2017 Day, M. L. (Girls)
........ Newton, B. W.
2018 Fraser, B.
........ Robinson, B.
2019 Loftus, J.
........ Taylor, M.
........ Young, L.

Open Water Swim:

Commenced in 2002. The sixth Annual Open Water Swim was held in 2007 with three schools competing – the Geelong College; Geelong Grammar School and Christian College.

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