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SUTHERLAND, Jean Lockhart MA (1911-1989)

SUTHERLAND, Jean Lockhart MA (1911-1989)

Jean Lockhart Sutherland was a staff member at Morongo Presbyterian Girls' College for 33 years from 1944 to 1976.

She was the daughter of Alexander John Sutherland, a teacher, and Christina Lockhart Fairlie, a nurse. She was born in St Kilda in 1911 and baptised in the Prahran Presbyterian Church on 31 March 1912, by the Rev W I Rolland, father of Sir Francis Rolland, who became Principal of the Geelong College.

Jean Sutherland c 1969.

Jean Sutherland c 1969.

As the Senior Science Mistress, Jean Sutherland joined the staff of Morongo in 1944, and in 1946 became the Chief of Staff and assisted the Principal. She has also been responsible for the timetable, and advising girls on courses and career choices. For six months in 1965, she was Acting Principal and resided at the school as she had done in her early years. During her time at Morongo, she took a years leave to travel overseas for a holiday and to gain other teaching experiences. She was also in charge of the Science Department until she retired in 1976. In 1973, the Middle School Laboratory was named in her honour.

Lucy Shaw, former Headmistress of Morongo, in her eulogy to Jean Sutherland in 1989 described her:

'Jean Sutherland was a Master of Science – with 1st Class Honours (Melb. University) and that speaks for itself. She was a demonstrator at her university for some years but she then decided to share her knowledge with others so I was pleased to welcome her to Adelaide P.L.C. (Seymour College) as Science Mistress. She had great affection for those Adelaide girls and has been able to keep in touch with many, through the Melbourne Branch of the Old Collegians of that College. One of those girls is here to-day both as a friend and as a representative of the Melbourne Branch. When war ended, Miss Sutherland returned to her home state and I was happy to welcome her to the staff of Morongo. Very soon she became Head of Staff. Her long association with Morongo – 33 years – was interrupted when she took a year’s leave to travel and to gain further experience in a Welsh Boarding School, situated in England.

Over the years I have appointed many members of Staff, but none more able than Jean Sutherland. In spite of her ability, she was rather diffident, even humble, though I do not believe that this was always recognised.

Morongo owes a great debt of gratitude to her. The successes of her pupils testify to the sound training they received at her hands.'

Jean Sutherland died on the 29 of April 1989.

Sources: Compiled by S Tayler; Eulogy by Lucy Shaw, 1989; Mary Reilly (Thomson)
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