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STOTT, Barton Harold

STOTT, Judge Barton Harold

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Hon. Barton Stott, 2006

Hon. Barton Stott, 2006

Judge Barton Stott retired in 2006 from a distinguished legal career including as a County Court Judge from 1989 to 2006.

The following description was published in the Victorian Bar News: 'After a brief but stimulating career in the Royal Australian Navy where Stott achieved the rank of Able Seaman and retains to this day a love of all things nautical, Stott commenced his legal career as a Clerk of Petty Sessions. Part of Stott’s early training took place in the Victorian Crown Solicitor’s Office, which exposed Stott to a serious amount of old law title work which (and this will be no surprise to those familiar with his Honour’s meticulous attention to detail) Stott actually enjoyed. After serving as a law clerk at Hedderwicks, Fookes & Alston (including his period of articles), Stott was admitted to partnership but later went to the Bar where he read with Alec Southwell, later QC, and later still a Judge of both the County and Supreme Courts. ... As a barrister, Stott developed a deserved reputation as a great “all-rounder” which suited him perfectly for the demands of circuit practice, particularly in Ballarat where His Honour spent a number of years on the Supreme Court circuit for four months of the year, carrying out very competently both jury and causes work in the Ballarat list. ... His industry is emphasised by the fact that those familiar with his Honour’s work in the Defamation List calculate that Stott dealt with a substantial list every fortnight for 15 years and gave no fewer than 900 rulings/judgments, expeditiously resolving sometimes complex legal arguments and issues with great precision.'

Barton Stott was a day student at Geelong College from 1 October 1941 to December 1953. He was a member of the 1st Rowing VIII in 1953. His Law Degree from the University of Melbourne was conferred 21 February 1962.

Sources: Victorian Bar News No 139, Summer 2006 p16.
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