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The 'Stanley B Calvert Prize for Debating and Public Speaking' was first awarded in 1913. It was also sometimes known as the Debating Society Prize. It was named after Stanley Bell Hamilton-Calvert (1872-1939), Council Member (1908-1939), Chairman of the College Council (1922-1939), and Secretary of the Old Collegians’ Association (1901-1939), who not only donated the original cup but also presented it to the awardee each year.

In 1939, at a meeting of the Debating Society following Stanley B Hamilton-Calvert’s death, the Society decided to forego their annual dinner and devote the cost of it to endowing an annual memorial prize which then, was to be awarded for the most improved speaker. In some years it was known as the Senior Debating Prize.

Stanley B Calvert Prize for Debating and Public Speaking Awardees:

1913 Davey, J. S.
1914 Fenton, D. T. H.
1915 Clutterbuck, C. R.
1916 Backwell, C. E.
1917 Purnell, A. E.
1918 Peter, W. C.
1919 Burnet, A. G.
1920 Baird, W. H.
1921 Campbell, T. W.
1922 Gray, A. J. H.
1923 Rentoul, A. L.
1924 McCann, E. W.
1925 Sander, D. G.
1926 Sinclair, A. J.
1927 McGregor, A. H.
1928 Adam, J. R.
1929 McDonald, I. N.
1930 Stoker, J. P.
1931 McLean, E. C.
1932 Young, L.
1933 MacLeod, J.
1934 Rankin, R. I.
1935 Gerraerd, J. A.
1936 Errey, L. A.
1937 Doig, R. K.
1938 Turner, I. A. H.
1939 Troup, J. S.
1940 Williams, C. M.
1941 Davies, A. F.
1942 Gordon, I. A.
1943 Not Listed
1944 Birrell, D. J.
1945 Not Listed
1946 Not Listed
1947 Not Listed
1948 Mitchellhill, D. H.
1949 Tolhurst, G. V.
1950 Not Listed
1951 Scott, A. McI.
1952 Robinson, R. G.
1953 Pam, F. U.
1954 Robinson, R. G.
1955 Gibb, D. M.
........ Sutherland, T. R.
1956 Gray, R. W.
1957 Messenger, D. R.
1958 Thomas, J. W.
1959 Brian, M. A.
........ Fiddian, R. M.
1960 Both, R. A.
........ McArthur, A. H.
1961 Douglas, R. N.
1962 Not Listed
1963 Henderson, A. G.
1964 Not Listed
1965 Cumming, R. D.
1966 Duigan, J. L.
1967 Bailey, A. J.
1968 Hepburn, R. G.
1969 Weddell, J. S.
1970 Weddell, J. S.
1971 Not Listed
1972 Not Listed
1973 Not Listed
1974 Kearney, R. P.
1975 Fenner, B. T.
1976 Bracher, T. T.
1977 King, P.
1978 Neilson, T.
1979 Not Listed
1980 Not Listed
1981 Not Listed
1982 Haigh, G.
1983 Not Listed
1984 Not Listed
1985 Galloway, N.
1986 Dennis, C.
1987 Evans, H.
1988 Leonard, F.
........ Reid, S.
1989 Secen, D.
1990 Peake, K.
1991 Richardson, A.
1992 Not Awarded
1993 Neal, D.
1994 Neal, D.
1995 Lambert, N.
1996 Emselle, F.
1997 Hobb, S.
1998 Jackson, C.
1999 Forbes, T.
2000 Seward, K.
2001 Lannan, B. C.
2002 Simmonds, C.
........ Wood, C.
2003 Weaver, J.
2004 Heard, G.
2005 Smith, S.
2006 Bull, E.
2007 Nicolo, X.
2008 Carroll, M. W.
2008 Hoenvenaars, J. J.
2009 Dye, M.
2010 Cailes, B.
........ Watson, L.
2011 Mackey, R.
2012 Panckridge, E.
2013 Luppino, A.
2014 Thorne, P.
2015 Thorne, P.
2016 McLaughlin, M. R.
2017 Panagodage, D. D. B. P.
2018 Midgley, C.

Sources: Speech Day Programs; Pegasus December 1939 pp16,25.

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