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Softball as a regular sport began at the School in about 1987.

Ad Astra in August 1991 noted that Softball had been entered into the APS competition that previous summer. A sports trophy known as the The Geelong College Senior School Softball Champions, donated by the Senior School Parents’ Association in the year 2000, is awarded annually to the winning House in the Senior School competition.

Softball Captains:

1986 Not Listed
1987 Spry, A. J.
1988 Tarr, K. J.
1989 Yttrup, A.
1990 Johns, L. N.
1991 Wheeler, K.
1992 Turner, A. L.
1993 Bail, E. E.
1994 Wynn, R. M.
1995 Cronin, S. L.
1996 Ryan, A. B.
1997 Smith, F. E.
1998 Ryan, D. P.
1999 Collins, P. A. F.
2000 Jackson, B. E.
2001 Carah, P. E. M.
2002 Paisley, N.
2003 Johnston, H. M.
........ Warren, A. J.
2004 Warren, A. J.
2005 McKenzie, S.
2006 Warren, E. A.
........ Scale, G. E. E.
2007 Scale, G. E. E.
2008 Morris, S. E.
2009 Dunn, N. A.
2010 Bull, G. L.
2011 Sanders, B. A.
2012 Mitchell, G. M.
2013 McKie, L. A.
2014 Palmer, C. R.
2015 Ingram, C. T.
2016 Holten, B. E.
2017 Costa, P.
........ Mayer, T. E.
2018 Hodge, A.
........ McQuinn, S.
2019 Padanyi, J.

Softball Fairest and Best Awardees:

2007 Scale, G.
2008 Filling, N.
2009 Dunn, S.
2010 Heyward, L.
2011 Heyward, L.
2012 Heyward, L.
2013 Waters, H.
2014 Jablonsky, A.
2015 Fitzgerald, A.
2016 Wiener, M.
2017 McLachlan, J. A.
2018 Burrell, N.
2019 Gilby, L. M.

House Softball Champions:

2000 McArthur
2001 Morrison
2002 McLean
2003 Morrison
2004 Morrison
2005 Morrison
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