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SNELL, Gordon Thomas Frederick (1932- )

SNELL, Gordon Thomas Frederick (1932- )

BBC broadcaster, playwright and author, Gordon Snell, entered the College on a scholarship as a wartime refugee. He was at the College from June 1941 until May 1946 and was enrolled by one of his parents C F Snell from Tanglin, Malaya. He is believed to have left Singapore with his mother but his father was interned.

In June 1957 Pegasus reported that Gordon Snell figured prominently in the London Times as writer of the book and lyrics for a little operetta 'The Three Caskets' described as a 'joke which happily transcends its own obviousness'. Some of its characters are faintly recognizable under the aliases of Miss Portia Browne, Patrick O'Larragon, Morocco Joe, the Hon. Percy Bassanio and Jessie Kerr. 'Though plenty of liberties are taken with the original material' says the critic 'the final impression made is of timeless romance smiling at itself'.
Gordon has continued to write publishing several children's books as well as a book of comic verse about Canadian characters called 'Oh no! More Canadians'.

Gordon Snell married well-known author, Maeve Binchy in 1977 and lives in Dublin, Ireland. His published works include the following:


King of Quizzical Island
1. The King of Quizzical Island (1978)
2. The King of Quizzical Island Digs Through the World (2010)

Tom's Amazing Machine

1. Tom's Amazing Machine (1988)
2. Tom's Amazing Machine Zaps Back (1989)
3. Tom's Amazing Machine Takes a Trip (1990)
4. Tom's Amazing Machine Goes Treasure Hunting (1992)

Cruncher Sparrow

1. Cruncher Sparrow High Flier (1990)
2. Cruncher Sparrow's Flying School (1991)

Ballygandon Gang

1. Dangerous Treasure (1994)
2. The Library Ghost (2000)
3. The Deadly Camera (2005)
4. The Ballygandon Giants (2006)


The Red Spectacle's Gang (1970)
Tex and Sheelagh (1992)
The Mystery of Monk Island (1995)
The Curse of Werewolf Castle (1996)
The Phantom Horseman (1997)
The Case of the Mystery Graves (1998)
The Secret of the Circus (1999)
Fear At the Festival (2001)


The Tex and Sheelagh Omnibus (1996)


The Thursday Club (poems) (2000)
The Wonderful Thursday Club (poems) (2001)

Picture Books

Lottie's Letter (1996)
Twelve Days: A Christmas Countdown (2002)
'Twas the Day After Christmas (2003)

Chapter Books

The Cool Maccool: Heroic Deeds of Finn MacCool, Legendary Celtic Hero (1988)
The Joke Thief (1993)
Amy's Wonderful Nest (1997)
Tina and the Tooth Fairy (2005)
The Supermarket Ghost (2007)

Anthologies edited

Thicker Than Water (2001)

Sources: Pegasus June 1957 p51; Ad Astra 1959.
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