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A large workshop for manual training was opened in 1907 to use the Swedish Sloyd system of technical training in woodwork. The Sloyd system embraced a wider technique than simply learning the mechanics of carpentry or woodworking and was aimed at training students in the entire creative process from visualization and planning, drawing and specification, to tool use and timber assessment. The first teacher was J R Ashton.

The Sloyd Room was a long narrow annexe built on the western side of the timber gymnasium building which then included Rooms F and H and the Physics Laboratory. The Sloyd Room’s western boundary roughly coincided with the western boundary of the War Memorial Wing though the Sloyd Room was probably half the width and only coincided with the central section of the War Memorial Wing. An undated photo published in the 1961 history is one of the few that depicts the exterior of this room. Unfortunately, the original image does not appear to have survived.

Sloyd Class, 1907.

Sloyd Class, 1907.

Sloyd Prize Awardees (Replaced by Carpentry Subject Prize in 1918.):

1909 Young, F. S.
1910 Gadd, I. B.
1911 McArthur, G. S.
1912 Lock, S. M.
........ Murray, T. P.
1913 Brumley, E. J.
1914 Hedges, H. M.
1915 Hedges, H. M.
1916 Hedges, H. M.
1917 Not Listed

Sources: Annual Report 1908 p 31.
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