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Cadets at the Preparatory School Shooting Range, circa 1975.

Cadets at the Preparatory School Shooting Range, circa 1975.


Prior to about 1898 a firing range existed in the School Grounds sited across the present cloister. Originally, targets were fixed to the south facing wall of the north wing and Junior Cadets using Francotte Rifles fired from near Noble St and in line with the rear of the library across the present quadrangle to the southern wall of what is now the Keith Home Room (Originally Room A). After minor additions to this wing in about 1898 the range was discontinued.

In 1905, the Annual Report mentions that 20,000 rounds of ball ammunition were used in training with the juniors shooting on the privately owned College Rifle Range and the Artillery Range by the Seniors. The Council Minutes of February, 1910 refer to the lease of a firing range for the cadets from a Mr George for £5 per year.

A ‘miniature’ rifle shooting range was erected by the Defence Department in Bartlett’s Paddock near Claremont Avenue in 1910. It was used for juniors shooting with Francotte Rifles and seniors with lightly loaded point 303 ammunition. This range appears to have continued on this site until about the early 1960s.

After the opening of the Preparatory School a new range was established below the Preparatory School and against the hill.

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