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SARGOOD, Denis Graham (1926-2016)

SARGOOD, Dr Denis Graham (1926-2016)

Graham Sargood was a boarding master and teacher of Mathematics and Science at Geelong College between 1951 and 1957.

Graham Sargood (Staff 1955)

Graham Sargood (Staff 1955)

T Joske wrote of him:
'Rowers from the 1950s decade crews recall him fondly, and remember him as an integral part of the success of he College during this era. A popular teacher, Graham taught the students the basics of how to row a boat, but more importantly, to have fun while doing it. He encouraged the tub fours to row to the Connewarre lakes for a picnic. After leaving the College, Graham returned to the University of Melbourne where he gained his Doctorate in Physics.'

In June 1956 Pegasus paid tribute to Graham Sargood:
'A main factor, or rather the main factor in the success, of the Boat Club in the last two years is Mr. Sargood. Throughout the season he organizes the tub-fours and fixes up any breakages. He also coaches the tub-fours, and ever since the race between the College and Grammar 1st and 2nd Tubs was started, the College has won. This was due to Mr Sargood's tuition and the pupils from his Tub-fours of the last four years are now mostly in the first three VIIIs. During second and third term, he and a few boys go down to the sheds each night to work on the boats. They sand paper and varnish the eights and fours, paint the motor boat and do other odd jobs which need to be done. It is with regret that we learn that Mr Sargood is leaving us. It will be very hard indeed to find a man who will be willing to give up so much time and energy with so little reward. Mr. Sargood is going to the University to further his studies in Physics and The Boat Club wish him good luckfor his course.'

In 1958, he was reported by Pegasus as a senior demonstrator in Physics and in December 1959 as having completed his MSc degree and receiving appointment as lecturer in the Physics Department at the University of Melbourne.

Pegasus in June 1965 further added:
'Dr Graham Sargood (Staff 1951-57) acquired his new title, as Doctor of Philosophy, in the Department of Physics. His thesis for the doctorate described two experiments in nuclear physics.'

Graham was born on 2 July 1926 and married in September 1951. He died on 19 November 2016, age 90 years at Baptcare Hedley Sutton Community, Camberwell.

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