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The junior boarding house was named Rolland House after the Rev Sir Francis Rolland (1878-1965), Principal of the School from 1920 to 1945. Junior House was the boarding house for younger boarders of the original Preparatory School which was then on the current Senior School Campus. The young boarders were first housed in Dormitory 6 at Warrinn under the resident care of the matron ‘Maggie’ McOuat but moved in 1929 to the colloquially known ‘Baby Health Centre’ at the Hospital under the care of Miss K Holmes. Junior House was formally opened in 1932 and continued under that name until the end of Term I in 1962 when forty-seven junior boarders were moved into the newly purchased Mossgiel.

On 11 February 1964 a new boarding facility was opened at the Preparatory School and was named Rolland House. It housed 70 boarders in 5 dormitories of 14 students each. The complex included two playrooms, bathrooms, dining hall, locker room, drying room, domestics’ sitting room, teachers’ study and resident quarters for the matron and resident teachers. It was closed in 1976 and, in 1977, all male boarders were transferred to Mackie House. The Rolland House facility at the Preparatory School was converted to classrooms and staff use and is now occupied by the Preparatory School administration. The original Preparatory School building used until 1959 is now part of the Austin Gray Centre.

House Captains:

1970 Henderson, D J
1971 Cooper, D J
1972 Bell, S

Heads of Junior House:

1931-1960 Campbell, L J
1961-1963 Mcintyre, D G

Heads of Rolland House

1964-1966 Rolland M J H
1967-1972 Cameron, D D W
1973-1976 Hatton, L G


19??-1970 Grenfell, N B
1971-1974 Swanson, J P
1975-1975 Mills G M
1976-1976 Dickinson, R R

Sources: Ad Astra April 1964.
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