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ROBERTSON, Robert MBE (1885-1982)

ROBERTSON, Robert ‘Robbo’ MBE (1885-1982)

Robert Robertson was a teacher at the King’s School, Paramatta, Sydney from 1922 until his retirement in December 1971.

He was instrumental in establishing the heritage collection of the School. From the commencement of his service he collected, collated, maintained and stored The King’s School’s archive collection. He ‘labelled photographs, compiled lists of students and their accomplishments and recorded daily events in a magnificent set of cartoons, which today provide the students with valuable insights into life at The King’s School in former times. With the support from The King’s School Old Boys’ community, a permanent home for the collection was built, and in 1974, the Museum was opened and named in honour of Robert 'Robbo' Robertson.

Born on 12 September 1885, he was a day student at the College from 1899 to 1903. He was Dux of the Upper 4th Class in 1900 with the following places: 2nd in English; 2nd in History; 1st in Geography; 1st in Arithmetic; 2nd in Euclid; 1st in Latin; 1st in French and 1st in Physicoloy (Physics). In the 1902 University Class he was 1st in Euclid; 2nd in Latin; and 2nd in History. In the 1903 Fifth Class he was 2nd in both Chemistry and Physics

Sources: The King's School, Parramatta, NSW.
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