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The following publications are accessible through this Guide:

The Geelong College.


Fun, Fellowship and Fund Raising: A Brief History of the Old Geelong Collegians' Association, 2003 by Geoff Neilson.

No Passengers and the Will to Win: The Spirit of The Geelong College Boat Club, 1999 by James Ferguson.

'The Geelong College: History Register and Records', 1911 (Jubilee History - 50 years).

'The Geelong College, 1861-1961' (Centenary History - 100 years).

'The Way to the Stars: 150 Years of the Geelong College', 2011 (Sesquicentenary History - 150 years).

'The Lives of Frank Rolland' by Bert Keith.


'Ad Astra' (Magazine)

'Chez Nous' (Newspaper)

'The Pegasus' (Magazine)

Morongo Presbyterian Girls' College.


'The Lucernian' (Magazine)