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Cover of Preparatory School News Vol 1 No 2, 1921.

Cover of Preparatory School News Vol 1 No 2, 1921.


Preparatory School News was the first periodical publication produced at the Preparatory School. Although no copy of the first issue appears to have survived ‘Prep News’ probably commenced in 1921 - the undated second issue refers to ‘Paddy’ Chapman handing the Preparatory School key to Sir John McFarland the previous term.

This first series was, according to Pegasus, started by Miss Trumble and produced each term. It was continued by J H Campbell until at least Vol XI in 1931. This early series of the 1920s included School Officers, news and original contributions from students and was generally a small hand produced and roneoed publication of about 16 pages. An edition was published in 1936 but nothing further is held in the Archives until 1962 when Volume 2 No 1, 1962 makes its appearance. This later series of the 1960s was published erratically each term and was a more substantial type-written publication with a printed cover. By 1970 and 1971 it was bi-annual before becoming an annual in 1972. It ceased several years later.

Sources: Pegasus May 1921 p 3.