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The 'James Fraser Sutherland Memorial Prize' is a current, annually offered, academic prize for outstanding work in fine and applied arts. It was named after James Fraser Sutherland, a student tragically killed in Melbourne.

Funded by a bequest from the parents of ‘Jim’ Sutherland, the prize was to be made each year for the most outstanding example of craftsmanship in its own class made by a student of the House of Guilds, of which Jim Sutherland was a sub-warden. It was first awarded in 1952. The prize continues to be currently awarded.

The Minutes of the Geelong College House of Guilds on the 14 July 1952 recorded the following:
'As a perpetual memorial to the late James Sutherland and at the express wish of his parents, a sum of money, which was Jim's personal estate has been made available to Geelong College. This bequest will be used to provide an annual award for fine workmanship of which Jim's own contributions to College life were such fine examples.

The bequest will be known as the James Frazer Sutherland Memorial Prize, and will be made each year for the most outstanding example of craftsmanship in its own class, made by a boy at the House of Guilds (of which Jim Sutherland was sub-warden during 1951). The award will be made by the Headmaster, the Warden of the House of Guilds and when necessary by an independent expert as well. Entries must be lodged with the Warden by the end of Second Term each year and will be displayed during Third Term in a special cabinet provided from the estate and placed at the House of Guilds. Entries displayed can be claimed by owners after Speech Day each year.'

James Fraser Sutherland Memorial Prize Awardees:

1952 McIntyre, I. M.
1953 Spafford, W. L.
1954 Read, M. D.
1955 Weaver, P. H.
1956 Goodman, B. R.
1957 Smith, T. J.
1958 Venters, J. G.
1959 McNair, T. F.
1960 Thornton, J.H.
1961 Gray, A. G. S.
1962 Simson, C. R.
1963 Ellis, D. G.
1964 Lyons, P. G.
1965 Jessep, R. P.
1966 Holden, A. E.
1967 Doody, L. McD.
1968 Davey, A. G.
1969 Carmichael, A. R.
1970 Davey, S. McD.
1971 Hobbs, S. R.
1972 Hermiston, A. E.
1973 Cameron, A. J.
1974 Everett, P. W.
1975 Brown, R. V.
1976-1981 Not Listed
1982 Coutts, S.
1983 Whiting, C.
1984 Not Listed
1985 Hall, T.
1986 Not Listed
1987 Lochhead, A.
1988 Not Listed
1989 Coulson, B.
1990 Hedding, H.
1991 MacFarlane, D.
1992 Clark, M.
1993 Dickinson E. R.
1994 Drew, S.
1995 McGuinness, D.
1996 Lidgett, D.
1997 Martin, J.
1998 Yong, T.
1999 Anderson, S.
2000 Corke, G.
........ Herd, R.
2001 Coghill, D.
2002 White, G.
2003 Lindeman, S.
2004 Sedger, A.
2005 Russell, J.
2006 Heard, J.
2007 Agosta, A.
2008 Herbert, A. E.
2009 Taylor, S.
2010 Watson, L.
2011 Iredell, C.
2012 Russell, H.
2013 Rogers, V.
2014 McCaffrey, M.
2015 Van Ingen, R.
2016 Cayzer, L.
2017 Cowan Benz, L. R.
2018 Schurmann, T.
2019 Gilby, L. M.

Sources: House of Guilds Minutes 14 July 1952.