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See Also Enrolment Register of The Geelong College

The Enrolment Registers of the Geelong College commence in 1871. There is no known Enrolment Register for the period from the establishment of the College in 1861 until the first listing of enrolments at the opening on the new site on Newtown Hill in 1871.

Enrolments for this period 1861-1870 are reconstructed from a variety of sources. These include: Pegasus (P), Annual Report Prize Lists (A), Listings in the Jubilee History (J), Listings in the Centenary History (C), Anecdotal and Family History (F), Matriculation Records (M), and other listed sources. This list uses the enrolment listing from the Centenary History of 1961 as a starting point as it is the most extensive of the published reconstructions. Only those listed in the Annual Reports could be considered authoritative though even with these, there may be errors due to the use of initials and preferred names.

As a consequence, this reconstruction should be treated with some degree of scepticism since many reportings of students are often unverifiable and may perpetuate errors from the original sources. Not all students for this period have, or will be identified. This listing may include students recorded in the Enrolment Register of 1871 who commenced prior to that year

Enrolment Reconstruction 1865.

Last Name First Name(s) Birth Enrolment Sources

Adams, Thos. (C 65)
Anderson, Chas. (C 65)
Anderson, Stephen (C 65)
Bonsey, Hy. (C 65)
Campbell, A. H. (C 65)
Carrigan, Cornelius (C 65)
Carrigan, Jas. (C 65)
Carstairs, Wm. (C 65)
Chirnside, Robert (C 65)
Cullen, Richard (C 65)
Forbes, Chas. (C 65)
Giblin, John (C 65)
Henderson, Jas. (C 65)
Hunt, G. H. (C 65)
Kiernan, T. C. (C 65)
Murray, Ernest (C 65; P)
Raven, Nicholas (C 65)
Rayner, Jas. (C 65)
Scales, Alfred (C 65)
Shaw, E. L. (C 65)
Strickland, F. P. (C 65)
Upton, Thos. (C 65)
Wallis, Frank (C 65)
Wood, Wm. (C 65)