DARLOT, Oswald Henry (1892-1975)

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DARLOT, Oswald Henry (1892-1975)

Oswald Henry Darlot was born on the 19 May 1892, the son of Henry Sydney Darlot and Elizabeth (or Eliza) (formerly Birrell) nee Mills.

He was enrolled by his mother, Mrs E F Darlot at Geelong College in 1908. His address at enrolment was 52 Mount St, Perth.

He gained the following academic awards:
1908, 2nd, Algebra, Lower 4th Form.
1908, 1st, Latin, Lower 4th Form.

During World War I, he travelled to England at his own expense and enlisted in the 22nd London Regiment (The Queen’s Royal Regiment: West Surrey) where he was awarded the rank of Captain.

He became a pastoralist following the World War I.

He died in 1975.

Sources: Based on an edited extract from Geelong Collegians at the Great War compiled by James Affleck. p165. (citing Neil Smith, Under Friendly Flags; The National Archives, London; Pegasus).