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The 'Pegasus Prize' was awarded annually 'for the best original contributions'. It is not a current award. It was first listed from 1922 to 1925, in 1933, and then from 1937 to 1941 onwards. It was re-introduced in the Speech Day Award Lists from 1965 to 1977.

Pegasus Prize Awardees:

1917-1921 Not Listed
1922 Maguire, W. W. V.
1923 MacKay, R. C.
1924 Blair, R. S.
1925 Sander, D. G.
1926-1932 Not Listed
1933 Legge, J. D.
1934 Not Listed
1935 Not Listed
1936 Not Listed
1937 Borthwick, D. W. P.
1938 Potter, A. W.
1939 Williams, C. M.
1940 Davies, A. F.
1941 Davies, A. F.
1942-1964 Not Listed
1965 Costin, B. L.
........ Cumming, R. D.
1966 Dixon, P. L.
........ Duigan, J. L.
........ Davey, A. G.
1967 Davey, A. G.
........ Keddie, J. N.
1968 Davey, A. G.
........ Dickson, J. W. M.
1969 Not Awarded
1970 Boyd, M.
1971 Not Listed
1972 Dennis, E. R.
1973 Not Awarded
1974 Not Listed
1975 Bracher, T. T.
1976 Ferriera, S. M. G.
1977 Tinney, M-M.
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