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Collegian Competitors:

'Rich' Colman

'Rich' Colman

AIKMAN, Alexander Michael Hirst (1933-2005) (OGC 1939-1951) Rowing, Melbourne, 1956.
SUTHERLAND, Georgina Elizabeth (nee CLARKE) (OGC 1990-2001) Athletics, Sydney, 2000.
CLEARY, Jennifer OGC Rowing, Rio de Janiero, 2016
DOAK, Peter John (OGC 1955-1960) Swimming, Tokyo, 1964.
DUNKLEY-SMITH, Joshua (OGC 1999-2007) Rowing, London 2012; Rowing, Rio de Janiero, 2016.
GRANT, Robert James (1934-2007) (OGC 1947-1949) Javelin, Melbourne, 1956.
HEFFERNAN, Nicholas (1974-) (OGC 1980-1987) Fencing, Sydney, 2000.
HORVAT, Steve (OGC 1983-1986) Soccer, Atlanta, 1996.
HOWDEN, James Guthrie ‘Jim’ (1934-1993) (OGC 1948-1952) Rowing, Melbourne, 1956.
LEE, Jong-Min (OGC 1993-1995) Tennis, Atlanta, 1996. (Competed for South Korea)
MACMILLAN, Donald Robertson Thomson (1928–2004) (OGC 1940-1946)) Athletics, Helsinki, 1952; Melbourne, 1956.
MOCKRIDGE, Edward Russell (1928-1958) (OGC 1933-1942) Cycling, London 1948; Helsinki, 1952.
PATERSON-ROBINSON, James (OGC 1984-1993) Equestrianism, London, 2012; Rio de Janiero, 2016.
RAMAGE, David Barton (OGC 1951-1957) Rowing Tokyo. 1964, Mexico City, 1968.
SLOANE, Cedric Hay (1915-1992) (OGC 1928-1934) Cross-country skier Oslo, 1952.
STANLEY, Phoebe (OGC 2003) Rowing, London, 2012.
NEWMARCH, Karina Nicole (nee WIELAND) (OGC 1989-1992) Rowing, Atlanta, 1996.

Paralympic Games

COLMAN, Richard OAM (OGC 1981-2003) Athletics (T53 800 m) Athens, 2004; Beijing, 2008; London, 2012; Rio de Janiero, 2016.
GOURLEY, Mitchell Skiing (LW 6/8), Vancouver, 2010; Sochi, 2014.

Olympic Games Collegian Participants:

AITKEN, Robert Russell MBE (1922-2004) (OGC 1932-1940) Coach, Rowing, Melbourne, 1956.

Olympic Games Other Competitors:

HILLHOUSE, Alexander John (c 1906-1983) (Staff) Athletics, Los Angeles, 1932.

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