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See Also Old Geelong Collegian’ Association (OGCA - Centenary History)
See Also Fun, Fellowship and Fund Raising: A Brief History of the Old Geelong Collegians' Association, an unpublished manuscript written by Geoff Neilson in 2003.

Although the first known reunion of Old Collegians occurred in 1878, it was not until 1901 that The Old Geelong Collegians’ Association (OGCA) was founded. The association had its first beginnings as a result of a request from former students who attended George Morrison’s funeral in early 1898 to provide a memorial to George Morrison. This culminated in the construction and opening of the George Morrison Memorial Library in 1899. It was at the opening of the Library that James Osborne suggested the formation of an old collegians’ association the establishment of which, was later entrusted to Neil Campbell and Stanley Calvert.

The Old Collegians’ held their first meeting on 3 May 1901 and two of the earliest students, E R Sparrow (OGC 1861) and Samuel Leon (OGC 1863), formally proposed the establishment of the Association at that meeting. At its first meeting the members decided on three aims; To hold an annual social re-union; To unite, and foster good fellowship among the Old Collegians’; and to promote the welfare of the Geelong College. The Association members celebrated their 100th anniversary with a black tie cocktail party at the Geelong Club on 11 November 2001.

A set of OGCA Meeting Minutes, commencing in 1901, is held by the School.

Old Collegians' at the Opening of the George Morrison Memorial Library, 1899.

Old Collegians' at the Opening of the George Morrison Memorial Library, 1899.

Old Geelong Collegians’ Association Presidents:

1901-1905 Kernot, Prof. W. W. C.
1906 Leon, S. K. C.
1907 Currie, J. L.
1908 Campbell, F. A.
1909-1910 McArthur, Dr. A. N.
1911-1912 McArthur, Sir Stewart
1913 Greenwood, A
1914-1915 Baxter, J. M.
1916 Morrison, Dr. R. H.
1917 Richardson, Hon. H.F.
1918 Bell, R. C.
1919 Purnell, Lt-Col. F. C.
1920 Gillespie, J. A.
1921 Macpherson, W. A.
1922 Hope, Dr W. W.
1923 Philip, A.
1924 Waugh, W. A.
1925 Armstrong, H. E. B.
1926 Wettenhall, Dr. R. R.
1927 Doig, Dr. K. McK.
1928 Reid, R. E.
1929 Dennis, W. J.
1930-1931 Shannon, J. F. S.
1932 Pillow, Dr. A. E.
1933 Tait, J. B.
1934 Brett, P.G.
1935-1936 Freeman, N. M.
1937 Dennis, A. W.
1938-1939 Coles, Sir Arthur
1940-1942 Moreton, F. E.
1943 Brown, C. N. O.B.E.
1944 Richardson, F. E.
1945 McCallum, P.
1946 Tait, A. T.
1947-1948 Rogers, J. D.
1949 Hawkes, J. B.
1950 Walter, F. D.
1951-1952 Anderson, H. A.
1953-1954 Gray, A. A.
1955-1956 McCann, E. W.
1957-1958 Taylor, J. A.
1959 Keith, B. R.
1960-1961 Fallaw, H. C.
1962 Nall, K. S.
1963 Wright, M. T.
1964-1965 Ewan, G. W.
1966 Cook, E. G.
1967-1968 Brown, F. W.
1969 Neilson, D. G.
1970 Wishart, W.
1971 Carmichael, D. I.
1972-1973 Urbahns, J. G.
1974-1975 Doery, E. K.
1975-1976 Elliott, F. W.
1977-1978 Bent, G. L.
1979 Scott, A Mc I.
1979-1980 Everist, I. C.
1981-1982 Thorn, B. G.
1983-1984 Weddell, J. S.
1985-1987 Betts, M. J.
1987-1989 Sproat, T. W.
1989-1991 Hepburn, R.
1991-1992 Holding, D. (nee Trembath)
1993-1994 Chirnside, S. M.
{1995-1996 Wall, L.
1997-2000 Phillips, W.
2001-2002 Simmonds, D.
2003-2004 Waterhouse, D.
2005-19 Oct 2011 Marendaz, J.
Oct 2011-2013 Mishura, P.
2014-2017 Waterhouse, D.
2018-current Joske, T.

Fellows of the OGCA

1969 Sir Arthur W Coles (OGCA President, Council Chairman, OGC 1904)
1969 L Whyte (OGCA committee, OGC 1908)
1971 A Austin Gray (OGCA committee member, Council member, OGC 1916)
1971 Bert R Keith (former OGCA President, College teaching staff, co-author of Centenary College History, OGC 1915)
1975 John H Campbell (former teaching staff member, OGC 1912)
1975 H Norman B Wettenhall (former Chairman of Council, OGC 1929)
1975 Peter N Thwaites (former Principal 1960-1975)
1977 Des D Davey (former Vice-Principal)
1977 Geoff J Betts (founding President of the College Foundation, Council member, Chairman Project Pegasus)
1981 Ewen C McLean (former OGCA committee member, first College Chaplain, College Archivist. OGC 1927)
1981 D Geof Neilson (former OGCA President, Chairman of Council, OGC 1942)
1982 Matt T Wright (former OGCA President, Council member, OGC 1927)
1985 Brian G Thom (former OGCA President and Council member, OGC 1949)
1988 R Bruce Jamieson (former College Bursar)
1990 Fred W Elliott (former OGCA committee member and President, former Warden House of Guilds, OGC 1941)
1991 Garnet S Fielding (former Chairman of Council)
1991 E Keith Doery (longstanding member of Council, former Council Treasurer, OGC 1940)
1995 A Paul Sheahan (former Principal, OGC 1959)
1995 Ken S Nall (former President OGCA, President of the College Foundation, member of Council, OGC 1937)
1996 David A Jarman (longstanding OGCA committee member for 35 years, OGC 1955)
2012 Dr Pauline Turner (former Principal 1996-2012)

Source: Notman, G C Keith, B R The Geelong College, 1961 p 133; Pegasus.
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