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The 'Old Collegians' Cup' started out as a points event for several flat races and was occasionally listed as the 'Old Boys' Cup' (1881). In 1890, these were 100 yds, 200 yds and 440 yds. It later became a handicap sprint race held each year at the College’s Annual Sports. In 1915, the race, over a distance of 125 yards was won by H T Burn. The award was last listed in 1938 and, as with all Old Collegian sports events, had disappeared by the following year.

1880 Walker, A. C.
1881 Boyd, W.

1889 Henderson, T.
1890 Cumming, G.
1891 O'Farrell, V.
1892 Greeves, E.
1893 Wettenhall, M.
1894 Armstrong, M.
1895 Morrison, D. C.
1896 Dwyer, J.
1897 Bell, W.
1898 Wettenhall, M. E.
1899 Dear, A.
1900 Baird, A.
1901 Bell, R. C.
1902 Stock
1903 Quinton, G. H.
1904 Houston, A. S.
1905 Batten, O.
1906 Mack, J. D.
1907 Cherry, E. J.
1908 Champ, C.
1915 Burn, H. T.
1916 Parsons, C. W.
1917 Heintz, G. V.
1918 Hurst, L. N.
1919 Gross, E. V.
1920 Brushfield, W.
1921 Pawsey, C. R.
1922 Sloane, A. G.
1923 D'Helin, J. R.
1924 Hawkes, J. B.
1925 Fallaw, H. C.
1926 Blair, A.
1927 Fidge, H. R.
1928 Houston, A. S.
1929 Routley, F. I.
1930 D'Helin, D. C.
1931 Hassett, X. V.
1932 Proud, J. W.
1933 Forster, A. E.
1934 Piper, R. R.
1935 Young, L.
1936 Carr, W. P.
1937 Not Listed
1938 Gordon, N. L.
1939 Not Listed
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