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Newtown Ladies College Prospectus Cover (n.d.).

Newtown Ladies College
Prospectus Cover (n.d.).

The Morongo College history published in 1969 described Miss Harris' Newtown Ladies College as follows:
'For many years this School has been admirably conducted by Miss Harris in Elizabeth Street, Newtown. Miss Harris has done a splendid work for the girlhood of our community, and we acknowledge our sense of indebtedness to her for her fine service for many of the girls of Geelong and District. The School Hall, Equipment and Goodwill have been purchased. As this College has between 70 and 80 pupils there is already a nucleus of a large School. The class rooms are being reconstructed and five additional class rooms will be added immediately.

Between 'Roslyn' and the Newtown Ladies' College are several cottages, and the land on which they stand has also been purchased. The cottages will be removed and the land fenced in as part of the School grounds.'

Sources: 'Morongo A History of the Presbyterian Girls' College Geelong 1920-1970' (The First Fifty Years) p11.

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