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The 'Nigel Boyes Trophy' was an individual sporting award for the aggregate winner of the open field games events although it appears to have started as a High Jump award as Mrs Blanche C Boyes donated £50 as a memorial prize for the Open High Jump in memory of her brother Nigel Irving Boyes who died 21 Feb, 1927. It was first listed as an award in 1927 won by N L Philip for High Jump and was then known as the Nigel Boyes Memorial Cup. It continued in this form until 1930, however, in 1929 and 1930 both the House event and this event were confusingly designated with the same award name. It disappears from 1931 until 1937. In 1938, when it reappears in the Prize List it is designated the Nigel Boyes Cup for Field Games and in 1939, the Nigel Boyes Trophy. It ceased to be awarded after 2003.

Nigel Boyes Trophy Awardees:

1927 Philip, N. L. (High Jump)
1928 Not Listed
1929 Barber, G. T. (High Jump)
1930 McKinnon, G. C. (High Jump)
1931-1937 Not Listed
1938 Laidlaw, T. T.
1939 Not Listed
1940 Blackwood, A. F.
1941 Murdoch, G. K.
1942 Hope Johnston, D. G.
1943 Ewan, G. W. C.
1944 Ewan, G.W. C.
1945 Ewan, G. W. C.
1946 Borthwick, J. M.
1947 Borthwick, J. H.
1948 Carmichael, D. I.
1949 Sutherland, I. L.
1950 Aikman, M. A. H.
1951 Cameron, K. M.
1952 Raymond, P.
1953 John, M. S.
1954 Watson, I. A.
1955 Lawler, W. W.
1956 Howden, R. B.
1957 Howden, R. B.
1958 Sproat, T. W.
1959 Sproat, T. W.
1960 Bromell, H. T.
1961 Davies, J. E.
1962 Green, S. T.
1963 Sheahan, A. P.
1964 Sheahan, A. P.
1965 Not Awarded
1966 Beel, C. N.
1967 Beel, C.N.
1968 David, G. A.
1969 Nall, J.D.S.
1970 Anderson, R. S.
1971 Anderson, R. S.
1972 Herd, F. O.
1973 Hooke, M. H.
1974 Graham, P. J.
1975 Taylor, S. M.
1976 Kelso, R. M.
1977 Kelso, R. M.
1978 Philip, A.L.
1979 Not Listed
1980 Not Listed
1981 Findlay, A.
Le Deux, R.
1982 Findlay, A.
1983 Findlay, A.
1984 Not Listed
1985 Not Listed
1986 Maddern, A.
1987 Courtnay, M.
1988 Duff, B.
1989 Howie, A.
1990 Williams, H.
1991 Lochhead, G.
1992 Cain, S.
1993 Quail, J.
1994 Clarke, D.
George, T.
1995 Cummins, L.
1996 Percy, S.
1997 Dowling, J.
1998 Davis, T.
1999 Reilly, T.
2000 Reilly, T.
2001 Reilly, T.
2002 Reilly, T.
2003 White, D.

Sources: Council Minutes 23 November 1927.
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