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Nicknames were a perennial feature of Schools, both for students and staff. Often, individuals had several nicknames over time and the names frequently arose from physical or personality features, incidents and associations. These ranged from the mundane, the derogatory and at times crude to the humourously, creative and inventive. Many had very curious origins.

The following are a selection of staff nicknames:

Tait, Alan T ‘Spud’
Henderson, Tom ‘Tam’; ‘Ootta’ (from Oot Toot Boy)
Campbell, J. H. 'JH’; ‘Misty’; ‘Hey Hey’
Campbell, L. J. ‘LJ’; ‘Frosty’
Harbison, C. E. ‘Herbie’ (as in the movie VW)
McLean, E. C. ‘Fritz’
Bickford, C. A. ‘Cragger’
Lamble, R ‘Rats’
Carrington, J. ‘Kero’
Smith, G. L. ‘Boof’ (as in hair style)
Buntine, M. A. ‘The Bat'
Profitt, V. H. ‘Strike’
Ipsen, C. F. H. ‘Kord’ (after Mandrake character)

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