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McILWAIN, Ian Murray (1927-2003)

McILWAIN, Ian Murray (1927-2003)

Born on 7 January 1927 at Sale, the son of Charles Ivor Robert McIlwain, he was enrolled at the College from 12 February 1943 to December 1944 after attending St Patrick's College, Sale. At Geelong College, he was in the 1st Rowing VIII in 1944.

During World War II, he enlisted on 6 June 1945 and served (No. VX 97671) as Lance Corporal I M McIlwain in 65 Battalion with BCOF in Japan (April 1946-February 1947). Pegasus of June 1946 reported:
'Lieutenant General H C H Robertson has the high honour of being British Commander in Japan. Also in the occupation forces are Warwwick Callander and Ian McIlwain, AIF, John McKenzie and Jack Newland, RAAF.'

He was discharged from the Army on 14 February 1947.

His son, Andrew related that Ian had been posted to Hiroshima not long after the atomic bombing. Subsequently, in the 1960s he suffered bone cancer in his leg and had a leg amputated. Years later doctors looked at Ian's medical records and realised that a lot of men who had been posted to Hirosllima had all suffered the same fate.

Ian died on 21 January 2003.

Sources: 'Geelong Collegians at the Second World War and Subsequent Conflicts' compiled by J. Affleck p569 (citing The Pegasus; Australian War Memorial; National Archives; McIlwain Family Recollections).
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