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By 1975 the College had a total enrolment of about 770 (Prep 330 and Senior 440) with 60 female day students. The School enrolled 174 female students in 1976. Female teachers had been on the staff for many years and in 1975 there were 14 though mainly at the Preparatory School.

Boarding for females was introduced in 1976 and the first all female boarding facility was established in the main School building above what is now the student administration office. Fourteen female boarders ranging from 11 to 17 accommodated in the main School-block in bed-studies commenced in 1976. They were under the supervision of a married housemaster and a matron who was also a trained nurse. One girl however, Sally Carruthers became the first boarder when she stayed for a short period in 1975. Later, after the construction of the unit accommodation behind the original Mossgiel House, female boarding was transferred to the Mossgiel units.

House Captains:

First female boarders, 1976.

First female boarders, 1976.

1976-85 Not Listed
1986 Purton, L.
1987 Howie, R.
1988 Not Listed
1989 Not Listed
1990 Lanyon, S.
........ Messenger, K.
1991 Not Listed
1992 Koch, J. L.
........ Richards, S. M.
1993 Not Listed
1994 Rowan, A.
1995 Coutts, S.
1996 Girvan, J.
........ O’Brien, E.
1997 Carter, A.
1998 Kilpatrick, E.
1999 Fletcher, C.
2000 Laught, C.
........ Whittakers, T.
2001 Dennis, S.
........ Hayden, J.
2002 Gray, L.
2003 Brown, S.
........ Farquharson, J.
2004 Brown, H.
2005 Prest, L.
........ West, H.
2006 Ross, C.
2007 Gough, C.
2008 Nation, M.
2009 Rossiter, B.
2010 Farmer, M.
2011 Johnstone, E.
2012 Gregory, A.
2013 Macdonald, L.
........ McClelland, S.
2014 Wootton, G.
2015 Chen, B.
2016 Campbell, J.
........ Sadler, M.
2017 Chen, B.
2018 Binos, O.

Heads of House:
1976-1976 Casey, R. J.
1977-1981 Not Listed
1982-1982 Olsen, B. R.
1983-1987 Leyshon, J. V.
1988-1992 Gibson, A. N.
1993-1995 Hildebrand, C.
1996-2002 O’Loughlin, M.
2003-2009 Foley, T.
2010-2017 Matthews, C.
2018-current Knight, L.

1982-1986 ....... Wildberger, J.
1987(T1-T3) ..... Cook, D.
1987(T4) .......... Vile, P. A.
1988-1996 ....... Not Listed

2011-2012 ........... Dunstone, V.
2011-2012 ........... Stamenic, S.
2013 ........ Dunstone, V. and Vokic, S.
2015 ........ Dunstone, V. and Cheatley, F. and Torrance, J.
2016 ........ Dunstone, V. and Torrance, J.
2017 ........ Dunstone, V. and Cheatley, F. and Torrance, J.
2018 ........ Dunstone, V. and Torrance, J.

Sources: Pegasus 1976 p79.
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