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Morrison House is part of the Senior School House System and was named in honour of the founding Principal Dr George Morrison. Its competition colour is Brown although up until 1935 it was green. Morrison House was one of the original four houses established in 1921 which were based around boarding and also into which day students were then allocated.

Although Morrison came 3rd in the first Inter-House competition it excelled in tennis and running that year. In 1930, when House Captains were first published in Pegasus Morrison House was captained by Peter McArthur (OGC 1923-1930) and then by G A Wood (OGC 1927-1930), later to become the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Victoria during the School’s centenary year of 1961.

Notable members of Morrison House have included World ranking swimmer, Tony Strahan; parliamentarian, 'Stewart' McArthur; Australian diplomat, Alistair McLean; and vocalist, Adam Harvey.

According to the Morrison House report of 1985 the House Motto is: 'Participation, Effort, A desire to succeed, A sense of belonging.' though in 1987 it was quoted as: '"Participation, Effort, and a Desire to Succeed.'

Morrison House Symbol, 2011.

Morrison House Symbol, 2011.

House Captains:

1930 McArthur, P.
1931 McLean, E. C.
1932 Houston, A. D.
1933 Young, L.
1934 MacLeod, J. A.
1935 Carr, W. P.
1936 Douglas, A. W.
1937 Collins, T. M.
1938 Cooke, R. A.
1939 Matheson, A. L.
1940 Gough, K. O.
1941 Souter, M. I.
1942 Pearson, S. K.
1943 Grutzner, P. W.
1944 Marshall, D. G.
1945 Macmillan, D. R. T.
1946 Barrett, N. L.
1947 Neilson, D. G.
1948 Ramsay, I. D.
1949 Wallace-Smith, G. H.
1950 Wallace-Smith, G. H.
1951 McLaren, B. J.
1952 John, M. S.
1953 Dennis, T. S.
1954 Macmillan, I. W.
1955 McArthur, F.
1956 Cunningham, W. H.
1957 Caithness, D. M.
1958 Lawson, R. A. S.
1959 Appel, S. E.
1960 McArthur, A. H.
1961 Lawson, A. J. E.
1962 Hallebone, G. P.
1963 Davey, R. B.
1964 Williamson, D. G.
1965 Watson, P. D.
1966 Poynton, D. J.
1967 Beel, C. N.
1968 Johns, A. H.
1969 Bennett, I. L.
1970 Anderson, R. S.
1971 Whiting, J. T. M.
1972 Smith, M. P.
1973 Chalmers, J. J.
1974 Sutherland, D.
1975 Nelson, P. J.
1976 Not Listed
1977 Ziemer, A.
1978 Magee, R.
1979 Leach, R. J. M.
1980 Pullin, L.
1981 Smit, W.
1982 Royal, S.
1983 Smit, T.
1984 Pullin, C.
1985 Charles, C.
........ Lappin, P.
1986 Carr, H.
1987 Graham, K.
........ Hercus, M.
1988 Ekstedt, P.
........ Pearson, K.
1989 Heard, J.
........ McCann, S.
1990 Morphy, J.
........ Quail, R.
1991 Wilson, P.
1992 McCann, P.
1993 Keeble, M.
1994 Langbein, J.
1995 Gerrard, E.
1996 Keeble, W.
1997 Frim, R.
1998 Bubb, F.
........ Gladman, K.
1999 Gwyther, J.
........ Plunkett, M.
2000 Coad, L.
........ Messenger, P.
2001 O’Brien, K.
........ Pettigrove, S.
2002 Douglas-Garden, D.
........ Kemp, S.
2003 Oxley, L.
........ Weaver, J.
2004 Pollard, A.
........ Roache, S.
2005 Green, S.
........ Rayson, A. J.
2006 Tompkins, J.
........ Warren, E.
2007 Scott, B.
........ Wilkens, E.
2008 Burns-Wallace, T.
........ Garrattt, M.
2009 Scott, G.
........ Thomson, D.
2010 Hurley, J.
........ Welleman. H.
2011 Scott, E.
........ Williams, C.
2012 Booth, K.
........ Murphy, C.
2013 Kent-Spark, H.
........ Spinazzola, P.
2014 Malishev, N.
........ Scott, A.
2015 Deppeler, C.
........ Kreidhl, A.
2016 Burke, T.
........ Fraser, L.
2017 Skuza, D.
........ Turnbull, L.
2018 Burke, W.
........ Whitford, A.
2019 Middleton, C.
........ Milner, M.

Heads of House:
1932-1932 Rusden,
1961-1962 Nicolson, K. W.
1974-1974 Roland, M. J. H.
1978-1979 Ingham, C. G. J.
1980-1982(T1) Wettenhall, D. R.
1982(T2)-1982(T3)McLeod, B.
1983-1988(T1-3) Gibson, J. S.
1988(T4) Headlam, W. V.
1989-1990 Gibson, J. S.
1991-1997 Quail, L. J.
1998-2005 Conway, P.
2006-2010 Clifford, D. N. (K Flanagan (T3-4 2010)
2011-2018 Flanagan, K. P. (S Hallows T3 2014)

Sources: Pegasus 1985 p17; Pegasus 1987 p24.

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