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An honour plaque was erected in the new Junior School at Morongo Presbyterian Girls' College to honour those Morongo Old Collegians known to have served in World War II.

War Memorial Junior School, Morongo, artist's sketch.

War Memorial Junior School, Morongo, artist's sketch.

The following is the original list from 1949:

Anderson, Betty (WAAF)
Batten, Dorothy (WAAF)
Carnell, Alexe (AWAS)
Carstairs, Nancy (AAMWS)
Chapman, Marcia (WAAF)
Connery, Rhona (WRAN)
Dale, Margaret (AWAS)
Gough, Elsie (AWAS)
Gough, Frances (AWAS)
Gray, Veran (WAAF)
Gunn, Betty (AWAS)
Hair, Eunice (AWAS)
Harding, Minie (WRAN)
Headlam, Meg (AANS)
Henry, Dyllia (AWAS)
Hewish, Nancy (AANS)
Honey, Marion (WRAN)
Hore, Enid (WRAN)
Hore, Peggy (AAMWS)
Johns, Lois (AWAS)
Johnson, Erica (AWAS)
Levy, Faith (AAMWS)
Logan, Lillian (AWAS)
Lowson, Erina (WAAF)
Madden, Dora (AWAS)
Maltby, Dorothy (AWAS)
Mann, Stella (AANS)
Mathieson, Gladys (AANS)
McAdam, Leslie (WRAN)
McCallum, Jessie (AWAS)
McDonald, Lois (AWAS)
McDowell, Margaret (AWAS)
McLean, Edna (AAMWS)
McMeekin Nancy (AANS)
McPhee, Jean (RAAFNS)
Morton, Nell (WRAN)
Penney, Jessie (AWAS)
Plain, Flora (AANS)
Plain, Jean (AWAS)
Plain, Nancy (AWAS)
Prowse, Margaret (AWAS)
Riddle, Dora (AANS)
Riviere, Dorothy (WAAF)
Sharp, Eileen (WAAF)
Simson, Alison (AAMWS)
Smith, Ruby (WAAF)
Stanistreet, Mary (WAAF)
Stewart, Eathorne (AWAS)
Storrer, Ailsa (AANS)
Strickland, Mary (AWAS)
Symons, Nancy (AWAS)
Tribolet, Ethel (AAMWS)
Weddell, Rosemary (AAMWS)
Whitaker, Margaret (AWAS)
White, Doreen (WAAF)
Young, Gwen (WAAF)


AAMWS - Australian Army Medical Women's Service
AANS - Australian Army Nursing Service
AWAS - Australian Women's Army Service
RAAFNS - Royal Australian Air Force Nursing Service
WAAF - Women's Auxiliary Air Force
WRANS - Women's Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps


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