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1920-1941 Miss G. Pratt, M.A. Dip.Ed.
1920-1928 Miss M. Gilbert, B.A.
1920-1928; 1933-1934 Miss M. Dunoon, B.A. Dip.Ed.
1920-1921 Miss I. Owen
1920-1922 Miss D. Stiles, Cert.Educ.Dept.
1920-1923 Miss E. Affleck, Cert.Educ.Dept.
1920-1922 Miss H. Ballans, M.A. Dip.Ed.
1920-1941 Mr J. Dawson (Singing)
1920-1945 Miss C. Haase (Drama)
1920-1923 Miss E. Sisson, Dip.Mus.
1920-1934 Miss F. Wilmore, Dip.Mus.
1920-1932 Miss J. Sutherland (Art)
1920-1921 Mr P. Von Bibron (Dancing)
1921-1921 Miss Hopkins (Sport)
1921-1922 Miss V. Barber, Bursar
1921-1928 Miss Oliver (Dressmaking)
1921-1923 Miss Hardy (Swimming)
1922-1926 Miss L. Shaw, B.A. Teach.Cert.
1922-1923 Miss F. Bottoms, Cert.Educ.Dept.
1922-1929 Miss E. Morgan (Sports)
1922-1928 Miss K. Roebuck (Bursar)
1922-1922 Miss M. Mockridge (Piano)
1922-1922 Mrs R. Hobbs (Singing)
1922-1923 Mr W. Short (Singing)
1922-1936 Miss Hayford Smith (Dancing)
1923-1923 Miss Coverlid, B.A. Dip.Ed.
1923-1923 Miss V. Anderson
1924-1924 Miss H. Rayward, M.A. Dip.Ed.
1924-1924 Miss I. Dunn, Teach.Cert.
1924-1929 Miss F. Wright, T.T.C.
1924-1924 Miss B. Joy, T.T.C.
1924-1929 Miss N. Eales (Piano)
1925-1926 Miss I. Miller, M.A. Dip.Ed.
1925-1932; 1934-1935 Miss E Cooper.
1925-1925 Miss F. Walker, Teach.Cert.
1925-1925 Miss R. Cantelo, Teach.Cert.
1925-1925 Miss J. Moss (Art and Craft)
1925-1925 Miss A. Robson (Drama)
1925-1926 Miss Trengrove (Swimming)
1926-1926 Miss D. Stewart, Arts Dip.
1926-1929 Miss L. Oman, I.T.C.
1927-1928 Miss F. M. Braithwaite, B.A. Dip.Ed.
1927-1929 Miss F. Spotswood, B.A.
1927-1941 Miss L. McKay, B.A. Teach.Cert.

1927-1941 Miss D. Booth, I.T.C.
1928- No change
1929-1930 Miss K. Crago, M.A.
1929-1929 Miss M. Glasgow, B.A.
1929-1929 Miss C. Eales, B.Sc.
1929-1933 Miss D. Madden, Bursar
1929-1936 Miss M. Gillan (Piano)
1929-1929 Mr W. Short (Singing)
1929-1931 Miss F. Allen (Cooking)
1929-1938 Miss Vigar (Dressmaking)
1929-1942 Mr L. C. Falls (Tennis)
1929-1929 Miss P. Navailh (French Conversation)
1930-1932 Miss M. Nicholson, B.A.
1930-1932 Miss H. McCullough, B.Sc.
1930-1931 Miss D. Brownlow, Teach.Cert.
1930-1932 Miss B. Chenery, Kindergarten, Cert.
1930-1931 Miss H. Jones (Sport)
1930-1930 Miss H. Everett
1930-1932 Miss V. Paling, B.A.
1930-1930 Miss M. Hatchard, A.R.A.M.
1930-1967 Miss M. Wadelton, Dip.Music
1930-1930 Miss M. Howard (French Conversation)
1931- No change
1932-1933 Miss E. Hoban, B.Com. B.A. Dip.Ed.
1932-1932 Miss C. Lancaster, Teach.Cert.
1932-1932 Miss B. Chenery, Kindergarten Cert.
1932-1935 Miss M. Pettitt, Phys.Ed.
1932-1932 Miss J. Frazer, Dip.Dom.Sc.
1932-1932 Miss Standley (French Conversation)
1933-1933 Miss H. McCrae, B.A. Dip.Ed.
1933-1933 Miss G. Davies, B.A. Dip.Ed.
1933-1933 Miss B. Adam, B.Sc.
1933-1935 Miss J. Stewart, M.A.
1935-1936 Miss E. Wilson, Student Teacher
1933-1935 Miss D. Park, Teach.Cert.
1933-1935 Mr A. E. Anderson (Art)
1933-1937 Miss E. Allen (Dom.Sc.)
1934-1935 Miss E. Macindoe, B.Sc.
1934-1935 Miss K. McPhee, B.A. Dip.Ed.
1934-1936 Miss M. Maberley Smith, B.A. Dip.Ed.
1934-1937 Miss G. Ray, M.A., Dip.Ed.
1934-1940 Miss M. Shirra, Bursar
1934-19431 Miss G. Madden, Music
1959- (Mrs S. Blakiston)
1934-1935 Miss B. Mann (Hobbies)
1935-1937 Miss M. Harding, Nursery
1935-1935 Miss M. Simson, Art
1936-1937 Miss G. Drummond, Student

1936-1939 Miss J. Gittus, Teach.Cert.
1936-1936 Miss V. Douglas, Sport
1936-1937 Miss M. Hope, Teach.Cert.
1936-1945 Miss M. Radford, Teach. Cert.
1936-1962 Miss N. Howard (Art)
1937-1938 Miss K. Badger, M.A. Dip.Ed.
1937-1939 Miss I. Burgess, A.T.T.I.Dip.
1937-1938 Miss J. Trenerry (Sport)
1937-1947 Miss K. Lascelles (Dancing)
1937-1940 Miss Rowe (JMW. Cooking)
1938-1943 Miss M. Hosking, B.Sc.
1938-1940 Miss J. Daniell, A.T.T.I.Dip.
1938-1940 Miss P. Tassie, B.A.
1938-1938 Miss P. Robinson, Dip.E.McPherson
1938-1942 Miss B. Dwyer, Nursery Asst.
1938-1938 Miss Coleman (Art)
1939-1939 Miss E. Henderson, M.A. Dip.Ed.
1939-1941 Miss M. Peck (Sport)
1939-1939 Miss M. Adamson, Dip.E.McPherson
1939-1940 Miss S. Soward (French Conversation)
1939-1949 Miss Vautier (Dressmaking)
1940-1940 Miss M. Matheson, B.A. Dip.Ed.
1940-1940 Miss E. Simpson, B.A. Dip.Ed.
1940-1940 Miss H. Lipsett, Student Teacher
1940-1940 Miss A. Crang (Dom.Sc.)
1940 -1941 Miss D. Reynard (Dom.Sc.)
1940— Miss P. Evans, B.A. Dip.Ed.
1940-1941 Mrs Birrell (Commercial)
1940-1940 Mr B. Ashby (Bookkeeping)
1941-1941 Miss M. Cowling, M.A. Dip.Ed.
1941-1945 Miss D. Wood, B.A.
1941-1941 Miss L. Lothian, Student Teacher
1941-1942 Miss B. Wellard, Teach.Cert.
1941-1943 Dr H. Ascher, Ph.D.
1941-1942 Mrs Woodfine (Typing, Shorthand)
1942— Miss L. Shaw (Principal), B.A. Teach.Cert.
1942-1952; 1954-1958 Miss E. Hope, B.A. Dip.Ed.
1942-1942 Miss F. Price, B.A. Dip.Ed.
1942-1942 Miss R. Gruen
1942-1942 Miss I. Westell, P.T.C.
1942-1942 Miss J. Lakeland (Sport)
1942-1950 Miss B. Hotchin, Dom.Sc.
1942-1944 Mrs M. Shiels, I.T.C.
1942-1943 Miss D. Glover (Singing)
1942-1950 Miss 0. Foster (Violin)
1942-1961 Mr P. O'Hara Wood (Tenni s)

1943-1943 Mrs D. Griffin, B.A.
1943-1947 Miss C. Veitch, A.T.T.I.
1943-1945 Miss A. Parrett (Sport)
1943-1946 Miss D. Shaw, Nursery Asst.
1943-1946 Miss M. Band, Nursery Asst.
1943-1945 Miss V. Herd (Music)
1943-1967 Miss J. Littleton (Music)
1943-1958 Mrs H. Thomas (Singing)
1944-1946 Miss B. Ray, B.A. Dip.Ed.
1944-1948; 1961-1962 Miss I. Hay, B.A.
1944-1944 Miss M. Munday, M.A.
1944- Miss J. Sutherland, M.Sc.
1944-1947 Miss L. Thomson (Nursery Asst.)
1944-1953; 1955-1957 Mrs E. Wallis, Teach.Cert.
1945- Miss A. Botterill, B.A. Dip.Ed.
1945-1945 Miss G. Field (Commercial)
1945-1946 Miss S. Hardy, B.A. Dip.Ed.
1945-1945 Miss M. Cooke, A.T.T.I. (Nursery)
1945-1967 Miss G. Apted (Drama)
1945-1945 Miss Drew (Piano)
1945- Miss E. Leigh, Bursar
1945-1952 Miss P. Rowley (Mrs Sykes), Office
1945-1946 Miss S. Davies, B.A. Dip.Ed.
1946-1946 Miss J. McMeekin, B.A. Dip.Ed.
1946-1948 Miss M. McColl (Sport)
1946-1947 Miss I. Campbell, B.A.
1946-1946 Mrs. I. Manton, B.A.
1946-1946 Miss E. Bartlett (Nursery Asst.)
1946-1951 Miss M. Dale (Music)
1947-1963 Miss K. Ohlson, B.A.
1947-1947 Miss P. Smith, B.A.
1947-1947 Miss D. Barriball, Teach.Cert.
1947-1947 Miss E. Ryan, Teach.Cert.
1947- Miss G. Courtney, Teach.Cert.
1947-1957 Miss N. Hoffman (Art and Dressmaking)
1947-1947 Miss B. Oldfield, Teach.Cert.
1947-1947 Miss Coulson (Dressmaking)
1947-1947 Miss M. Clarke
1948-1952 Miss M. Barr, A.T.T.I.
1948-1948 Miss B. McGovern, Teach.Cert.
1948-1949 Mrs. M. Chandler, Teach.Cert.
1948-1949 Miss B. Wolff
1948-1949 Miss B. Taylor, B.A. Dip.Ed.
1948-1948 Miss P. Sheppard (Typing and Shorthand)
1948-1948 Miss M. Coventry
1948-1948 Miss J. Neilson (Nursery Asst.)

1949-1952 Miss B. Dodds, B.Sc.
1949-1950 Miss G. Tabart, Teach.Cert.
1949-1949 Miss P. Joshua (Sport)
1949-1953 Miss N. Gray, K.G.Cert.
1949-1953 Miss P. Cassidy
1949-1951 Miss S. Burch (Dressmaking)
1950-1950 Miss M. Camm, B.A. Dip.Ed.
1950-1951 Miss P. Harwood, B.Sc. '
1950-1951 Mrs C. Johnston, T.P.T.C.
1950-1950 Miss G. Sandover (Sport)
1950-1951 Miss A. Newnham, T.P.T.C. B.A.
1950-1951 Miss G. Rowe (Commercial)
1951-1954; 1957-1965 Miss D. Phillips, B.A. Dip.Ed. (Mrs C. Cowperthwaite)
1951-1951 Miss E. Ivy, B.A.
1951-1951 Miss R. Stringer, B.Dsc.
1951-1951 Miss E. Elce, Teach.Cert.
1951-1954 Miss D. Gorey, Dip.A.C.P.E.
1951-1953 Miss J. Baker (Sport)
1951-1951 Mrs T. Henderson, M.A.
1951-1951 Miss B. Owens, Teach.Cert.
1951- Miss D. Butler (Music)
1951-1951 Mr H. Smyth (Violin)
1952-1953; 1956- Miss M. Henderson, B.Sc.
1952-1954; 1960-1963 Miss L. Knapp, B.A.
1952-1964 Miss M. Thomson (Mrs C. Reilly), Teach.Cert.
1952-1953 Miss C. Wing, Teach.Cert.
1952-1952 Miss J. Dougall (Nursery Asst.)
1952-1952 Miss C. Brown, Teach.Cert.
1952-1954 Miss M. Ramsay (Cooking)
1952-1952 Miss P.Blakiston (Dom.Science)
1952-1952 Miss P. Evans, Acting Bursar
1953-1953 Miss J. Peterson, Teach.Cert.
1953-1953 Miss V. Robertson, Teach.Cert.
1953-1954 Miss W. Bendle, Teach.Cert.
1953-1954 Miss J. Hartley, Kindergarten Course
1953-1954 Miss J. Morgan, B.A. Dip.Ed.
1953-1953 Mrs L. Boetje, Teach.Cert.
1953-1953 Mrs M. Champness, B.A.
1953-1954 Miss L. Abbott, Office
1954-1956 Miss M. Parsons, M.Sc.
1954-1954 Mrs E. Wordsworth
1954-1954 Miss D. Pitt, Teach.Cert.
1954-1963 Mrs E. Renfrey, Teach.Cert.
1954-1955 Miss A. Hetherington (Sport)
1954-1954 Miss J. Smith (Nursery Asst.)

1954-1959 Miss V. McQualter (Music)
1954-1955 Mrs Watson (Music)
1954-1956 Miss Wurfel (Music)
1955-1959 Miss R. Maguire, M.A.
1955-1955 Mrs 0. Roberts
1955-1956 Miss M. Harrison, M.A.
1955— Miss R. Steere, Teach.Cert.
1955-1955 Miss J. Glover
1955-1955 Miss F. Dean
1955-1956 Miss P. Smith, Phys.Ed.
1955-1962 Miss M. Brownhill, Nursery
1955-1957 Miss R. Quick, Deaconess
1955-1956 Miss F. Vautier-Moll, Dressmaking —Craft
1955-1964 Mr C. Dickinson, Tennis
1955— Miss D. Mitchell, Office
1956-1957 Miss B. Wyndham, Teach.Cert.
1956— Mrs J. Waters, Teach.Cert.
1956-1957 Miss J. Roffey, Teach.Cert.
1956-1956 Miss G. Scrivener (Sport)
1956-1958 Miss M. Wightman, Teach.Cert.
1957-1957 Miss M. Rogers, Teach.Cert.
1957-1957 Mrs M. Eden (Sport)
1957-1958 Miss B. Mackenzie, (Dressmaking)
1957-1960 Miss H. Sifri, B.A.
1957-1958 Miss L. Lawrence (Dressmaking)
1958-1958 Miss E. Riddell, Teach.Cert.
1958-1958 Mrs M. Kershaw, Teach.Cert.
1958-1964 Miss L. Gordon, Teach.Cert.
1958-1960 Miss P. Tymms, A.T.T.I.
1958-1958 Miss M. Little (Sport)
1958-1959; 1961-1961; 1963-1963 Miss H. Sawatzky (Art)(Mrs R. Barfus)
1958-1961 Mrs M. Reeve (Cooking)
1958-1959 Miss E. Stephens (Music)
1959-1959 Mrs A. Shelton, Teach.Cert.
1959— Mrs V. Bickford, B.A. Teach.Cert.
1959-1959 Miss M. True, Mercer House
1959-1961 Miss E. Darling, Mercer House
1959-1959 Miss P. Honey (Sport)
1959-1959 Miss F. Kennett (Sport)
1959-1959 Miss P. O'Donnell (Dressmaking)
1959— Mrs B. Webb (Miss B. Blake) (Dressmaking/Craft)
1960-1960 Miss W. McGain (Art and Craft)
1960-1960 Mrs A. Ra:msay, B.A. Dip.Ed.
1960-1960 Mrs M. Waldron, Teach.Cert.
1960— Mrs M. Kershaw, Teach.Cert.
1960-1960 Miss E. Oldham (Sport)

1960-1964 Miss J. Ockleston (Sport)
1960-1960 Miss H. Brown (Music)
1960-1963 Miss M. Ferguson (Sport)
1961-1961 Miss A. Olding, Teach.Cert.
1961— Mrs D. Coburn (Miss J. Graham), Teach.Cert.
1961-1966; 1968-1968 Miss E. Williams, 1968-1968 B.A. Dip.Ed.
1961-1961 Mrs N. Cowey, Teach.' Cert.
1961-1963 Mrs T. Baxter, Teach. Cert.
1961-1961 Miss M. Holden (Art)
1961-1967 Miss J. Blowes (Music and Singing)
1962-1962 Miss A. Hone, B.A.
1962-1963 Miss M. Chappell, Teach.Cert.
1962-1962 Miss J. McNaughton (Art)
1962- Mrs S. Clarke, Dom.Sc.-Librarian
1962-1965 Mrs G. Shanks, Deaconess
1963-1968 Mrs M. Pearcy, B.A. Dip.Ed.
1963-1965 Miss H. Lewis, B.A. Dip.Ed.
1963-1963 Miss D. Green, B.A.
1963-1963 Miss L. Robertson, Teach.Cert.
1963-1963 Mrs A. Kemp (Sport)
1964-1965 Miss M. Stanley, Teach.Cert.
1964-1966 Miss S. Lawn, B.A.
1964-1966 Miss R. Collins, B.A. Dip.Ed.
1964-1964 Miss V. Stubbs, Teach.Cert.
1964- Mrs M. Mackinnon, B.A. Dip.Ed.
1964-1964 Miss I. Dunn, Teach.Cert.
1964-1964 Miss H. McWilliam, Mercer House
1964-1965 Miss E. Rushbrooke (Art)
1964-1965 Miss J. de Ferranti (Phys.Ed.)
1964- Miss J. Bell (Craft)
1964-1965 Miss J. Park (Asst.Sport)
1964-1965 Mr Trethowan (Tennis)
1964- Mr T. Henderson, B.A. B.Sc.
1964- Miss V. Bell, Office
1965-1965 Miss J. Gray, Mercer House
1965- Miss J. Philip, Mercer House
1965-1966 Miss J. Marsden, Mercer House
1965-1965; 1967 Miss F. Lewis, Mercer House
1965-1966 Miss D. Johns, Kindergarten Dip.
1965— Miss M. Miller, Teach.Cert.
1965-1965 Miss S. Hawkes (Asst.Sport)
1965-1966 Miss A. McLeod, Deaconess
1966-1967 Miss H. Forster, B.A. Dip.Ed.
1966— Mrs M. Thom, B.A.
1966— Miss L. King, B.A. B.Ed.
1966— Miss B. Bird, Teach.Cert

1966-1967 Miss J. Paterson, Teach.Cert.
1966-1967 Miss L. Morrison, Teach.Cert.
1966-1968 Miss L. Rainsford ( Sport)
1966-1967 Miss A. Hobbs (Sport)
1966-1968 Miss J. Boddy (Art)
1967-1967 Mrs E. Garward, B.A.
1967— Mrs J. McNeil, Teach.Cert.
1967-1967 Miss P. Platts, Teach.Cert.
1967— Miss M. Wilson, Deaconess
1967-1967 Miss H. Williamson, Teach.Cert.
1967— Mrs P. Parsons, B.A.
1967— Miss M. Miller (Dressmaking)
1967— Mrs I. Deller (Speech -Drama)
1967-1968 Miss P. Webster (Teach.Cert)
1967— Miss M. Gibson, B.A.
1967-1968 Miss K. Hobbs
1968-1968 Miss I. Winzor, B.A. Dip.Ed.
1968— Miss M. Murray, Mercer House
1968— Mrs L. Larcombe, Teach. Cert.
1968— Miss B. Habersberger (Music)
1968— Miss S. Heindorff (Sport)
1968— Miss G. Kelly, Office

Sources: Cowperthwaite, Doreen 'Morongo: a history of the Presbyterian Girls' College, Geelong, Victoria, Australia, 1920-1970. The First Fifty Years' Lothian Publishing Company for the Council of the College, Melbourne, 1969 pp92-99.
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