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House Staff (1920-1968):

1920- Miss Galloway, Matron
1921-1923 Miss G. McDonald, Housekeeper
1924- Miss R. Grant, Matron/Housekeeper
1925- Mrs Appleyard, Matron/Housekeeper
1926- Miss Hornabrook, Matron
1926- Miss D. Walker, Matron
1929- Miss H. Everett, Sister/Matron
1932- Miss B. James, Matron
1934-1956 Miss D. Pillow, Matron
1942-1956 Mrs C. Kennedy, Sister
1944- Miss J. Bechervaise, House Mistress
1944-1964 Miss D. Parkinson, House Mistress
1946- Miss P. Gerrand, Matron first term
1948-1950; 1953-1954; 1956-1965 Miss M. Jacka, House Mistress and Housekeeper
1951- Mrs Prior, House Mistress
1952- Miss P. Blakiston, House Mistress
1955- Miss F. McDonald, House Mistress
1957- Mrs Cowley, Sister
1957- Mrs E. Taylor, House Mistress

1958- Miss P. Lubby, Sister
1959- Miss M. Watson, Sister
1960- Mrs Matthews, Sister
1961- Mrs Thorne, Sister
1961- Mrs Nilson, Sister
1962-1964 Miss H. Bonhote, Sister
1965-1966 Mrs J. Gilbert, Sister •
1966- Miss J. Rentoul, Manageress
1967- Miss J. Singleton, Sister
1968- Miss D. Mitchell, House Mistress
1968- Miss G. Lawson, House Mistress
1968- Miss J. Peel, Rig. House Mistress
1968- Miss L. Chapman, Junior House Mistress

Domestic and Ground Staff 1927-1968:

1927-1942 A. Wall
1942-1954 J. Alford
1946-1957 W. Lange
1955-1960 D. Fraser (Senior)
1955- E. Jenkins
1957- D. Fraser ( Junior)
1957- A. Fraser
1932-1950 Mrs Partington
1933- Miss E. Johnston, Mrs Watchman (part time)
1934-1949 Mrs Wigley
1943-1960 Mrs Ingram
1943-1965 Miss Slaven (Cookie)
1944- Mrs Hussey
1945-1966 Mrs Gates
1947-1954 Mrs Day
1952-1964 Mrs Bodrogkoezy (Mrs Koesy)
1952- Mrs Gruzeyskas (Mrs Gru)
1952-1959 Miss J. Ross (Mrs Fisher)
1953- Mrs Sovinski (Katriona)
1954-1965 Mrs Greenwood (Mrs Wigley's daughter)
1954- Mrs Fliss (Ella)
1957- Mrs Babay (Kathleen)
1957- Mrs Pronenko (Maria)
1960- Mrs Horban (Tanya)

Sources: Cowperthwaite, Doreen 'Morongo: a history of the Presbyterian Girls' College, Geelong, Victoria, Australia, 1920-1970. The First Fifty Years' Lothian Publishing Company for the Council of the College, Melbourne, 1969 pp99-100.
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