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Year of appointment

1919 J Pettitt (First Chairman)
1919 H. B. Gibb
1919 D. F. Griffiths
1919 A. J Laird
1919 J. F. Leary,
1919 Rev. T. W. Maguire
1919 J. H. McPhillimy
1919 Rev. C. Neville
1919 Rev. J. B. Rentoul,
1919 W. G. Robertson
1919 C. Shannon
1919 Rev. D. W. Smith
1919 D. F. Neilson (Secretary).
1920 Rev. E. E. Baldwin
1920 J. T. Gill
1920 W. Gray
1920 Rev. D. D. Munro
1920 R. Sabeston.
1921 L. Hirst.
1923 Dr A. L. Baird
1923 T. M. Browne
1923 M. Y. Venters.
1926 Rev. F. Chisholm
1926 G. B. Humble
1926 H. Hitchcock
1926 Hon. H. S. W. Lawson,
1926 Rev. T. J. Riddle.
1927 W. M. Reid.
1928 Rev. A. Sims.
1929 W. G. Browne.
1931 Dr R. G. McPhee.
1932 J. N. David
1932 0. C. Hearne.
1933 Rev. W. A. Alston.
1936 Rev. W. E. Watkins
1936 J. M. Badger.
1937 Rev. W. A. Fraser.
1938 Dr. H. F. H. Elvins.
1940 Rev. W. L. Simpson.
1942 Rev. E. C. Day.
1943 Rev. W. H. Waters.
1946 Rev. A. C. Eadie
1946 C. L. Hirst
1946 H. Roland.
1947 Rev. A. C. Blackwood
1947 Rev. R. C. Foyster
1947 E. W. McCann.
1948 Rev. H. Clark.
1950 P. Neilson (Secretary)
1951 W. A. Bodey
1951 K. W. Burnside
1951 E. C. Laird.
1953 Rev. A. D. Hallam
1953 D. G. Neilson (Secretary)
1955 J. S. Venters.
1957 Rev. M. G. L. Griffiths.
1958 Rev. K. MacLean.
1959 G. S. Gray.
1960 N. H. Pettitt.
196i R. W. Munro.
1963 Rev. L. W. Hatton.
1964 Rev. G. McGregor
1964 A. R. Lucas.
1968 Rev. J. A. Lewis
1968 C. Notman.

Sources: Cowperthwaite, Doreen 'Morongo: a history of the Presbyterian Girls' College, Geelong, Victoria, Australia, 1920-1970. The First Fifty Years' Lothian Publishing Company for the Council of the College, Melbourne, 1969 pp91-92.
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