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'It is not often that a school has an old pupils’ organisation in the first year of its existence but this was the case for the Newtown School.

Morongo Old Collegians Association Inc. (MOCA) has been a significant and integral part of the Morongo journey. Due to the dedicated, untiring and unselfish efforts of many Old Morongo Collegians over a long period of time, the Morongo story will be told for many years to come which will keep the name Morongo alive.

The Old Collegians, as far back as 1922, were prepared to give service and financial help to Morongo. Starting with the founding of the A C Harris prize for the Head Girl, bursaries and scholarships and to support school activities and fundraise for the school.

The demise of Morongo Girls’ College in 1994 brought MOCA to a new era. MOCA was represented on the Save the Morongo Committee which was not successful in saving the school. The Geelong College was sympathetic to the plight of the girls and over 100 of our former students were welcomed into the school. A strong partnership was formed in 1996 with Dr Pauline Turner, Principal of Geelong College, and MOCA.

The Morongo House was established in 1998 with a display of Morongo memorabilia. Past Principal Miss Shaw officially opened the Morongo Room in 1999. This relationship between MOCA and The Geelong College has remained strong to the present day. Scholarships in the name of Morongo have been awarded to deserving female students and grants have been awarded to departments at The Geelong College, one being the Science department. Medals have been especially made for the boarding house captains.

There was also a strong feeling among MOCA members to foster and maintain the sentiments, affections and loyalty for the Morongo name. Other projects as striking a Morongo rose, the Morongo Rowing Cups and supporting the Great Hall Appeal – Deakin University Waterfront Campus (recognised on an appeal board) all helped to keep the Morongo name alive.

From: 'Morongo: The First Fifty Years', 1969 Chapter 7 p32 by Doreen Cowperthwaite.'

A history of the Association is contained in the MOCA Final Newsletter: MOCA Newsletter April 2015

Presidents - Morongo Old Collegians' Association

1920 Ethel Purnell
........ Ethel Robertson
1921 Murial Mathews
1922 Lilian Price
1923 Marjorie Purnell
1924 Violet Ingpen
1925 Marjorie Purnell
1926 Marjorie Purnell
1927 Minerva Batten
1928 Minerva Batten
1929 Kathleen Roebuck
1930 Kathleen Roebuck
1931 Minerva Batten
1932 Vera Reeves
1933 Edith Leigh
1934 Edith Leigh
1935 Gladys Profitt
1936 Gladys Profitt
1937 Dorothy Anderson
1938 Edith Leigh
1939 Edith Leigh
1940 Gwen McKay
1941 Minnie Harding
1942 Minnie Harding
1943 Gwen Purnell
1944 Lorna Mund
1945 Lorna Mund
1946 Lorna Mund
1947 Jean Rentoul
1948 Jean Rentoul
1949 Jean Rentoul
1950 Vida Fallaw
1951 Jean Rowe
1952 Jean Rowe
1953 Phyllis Orchard
1954 Phyllis Orchard
1955 Mary Thomson
1956 Mary Thomson
1957 June McColl
1958 June McColl
1959 June McColl
1960 Audrey Gillett
1961 Audrey Gillett
1962 Marjorie Reeve
1963 Marjorie Reeve
1964 Dorothy Ruxton
1965 Dorothy Ruxton
1966 Dorothy Ruxton
1968 Jennifer Heath
1968 Jennifer Heath
1969 Eathorne Pavia
1970 Eathorne Pavia
1971 Eathorne Pavia
1972 Noele Cook
1973 Noele Cook
1974 Pamela Warland
1975 Pamela Warland
1976 Jennifer Currie
1977 Jennifer Currie
1978 Norma Mockridge
1979 Marlene Jeffs
1980 Marlene Jeffs
1981 Helen Richardson
1982 Joy Rau
1983/84 Joy Rau
1984 Jennifer Currie
1985 Jennifer Currie
1986 Jennifer Currie
1987 Alison Lawson
1988 Alison Lawson
1989 Joy Rau
1990 Joy Rau
1991 Jan Hosie
1992 Jan Hosie
1993 Jan Hosie
1994 Jennifer Currie
........ Joy Rau
1995 Jennifer Currie
........ Joy Rau
1996 Elizabeth Taylor
1997 Elizabeth Taylor
1998 Elizabeth Taylor
1999 Ann Waayers
2000 Marie Andersen
........ Dianne Jackson
2001 Marie Andersen
........ Dianne Jackson
2002 Marie Andersen
........ Julie Kumnick
2003 Julioe Kumnick
........ Jeanette Middleton
2004 Julie Kumnick
......... Kristin Cook
2005 Kristin Cook
2006 Kristin Cook
2007 Gillian Norris
2008 Gillian Norris
2009 Gillian Norris
2010 Heather Lochhead
2011 Heather Lochhead
2012 Heather Lochhead
2013 Jeanette Joseph
2014 Jeanette Joseph
2015 Jeanette Joseph

Sources: Cowperthwaite, Doreen 'Morongo: a history of the Presbyterian Girls' College, Geelong, Victoria, Australia, 1920-1970. The First Fifty Years' Lothian Publishing Company for the Council of the College, Melbourne, 1969 p101 (President's List); Elizabeth Taylor (Past honorary Archivist MOCA): Jeanette Joseph.
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