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The 'Morongo Medal' is a current, annual award given to the captains of the boarding houses, Mackie and Mossgiel.

These continuing awards were first made in 1998. The Awards were funded by the Morongo Old Collegians' Association (MOCA) and reflect the College's relationship with the former Morongo Presbyterian Girls' College. The Morongo Medal commemorates Morongo Girls' College and Principal, Dulcie Brooksahw's contribution to Rowing and the Head of the Schoolgirls' Regatta (HOSG).

Morongo Medal Mackie Awardees:

1998 Christensen, S.
1999 Scott, C.
2000 Waters, A.
2001 McKenzie, S.
2002 Douglas-Garden, D.
2003 Birks, P.
2004 Young, J.
2005 Paton, C.
2006 Heard, J.
2007 Johnstone, G.
2008 Brown, E.
2009 McLean, M
2010 McFadden, J.
2011 Ablett, E.
2012 Morrison, T.
2013 Beckley, E.
2014 Torode, R.
2015 Walmsley, E.
2017 Henderson, J. P.
........ Norton, J. A.
2018 Delahunty, M.
........ Gough, T.
2019 Delaney, N. J.

Morongo Medal Mossgiel Awardees:

1998 Kilpatrick, E.
1999 Fletcher, C.
2000 Laught, C.
........ Whittakers, T.
2001 Dennis, S.
........ Hayden, J.
2002 Gray, L.
2003 Brown, S.
........ Farquharson, J.
2004 Brown, H.
........ Paton, E.
2005 Prest, L.
........ West, H.
2006 Ross, C.
2007 Gough, C.
2008 Nation, M.
2009 Rossiter, B.
2010 Farmer, M.
2011 Johnstone, E.
2012 Gregory, A.
2013 Macdonald.
........ McClelland, S.
2014 Wootton, G.
2015 Chen, B.
2016 Campbell, J.
........ Morrison, W.
........ Sadler, M.
........ Wootton, C.
2017 Cashman, R. P.
2018 Binos, O.
2019 Ng, A. Y.

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