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The 'Morongo Award' is a current prize awarded each year to a Year 11 student returning to the College who has a family relationship with a past student of Morongo. Should there be no student meeting these criteria, the scholarship will be awarded to an outstanding Year 11 girl. The award was first offered in 2001.

The award from 2009 to 2014 was defined as: 'presented to a Year 11 student who has performed at a high academic level and who is a direct descendant of a Morongo Old Collegian. (If there is no eligible descendant, the award is made to the most academically able student at the end of Year 11)'.

The award reflects the relationship of the College with the Morongo Presbyterian Girls' College when it was operating.

Morongo Prize Awardees:

2001 Fitzpatrick, T.
........ Simmonds, C.
2002 Paton, A.
2003 James, T.
2004 Green, SW.
........ Mill, C.
2005 Nam, O.
2006 James, S.
2007 MacRae, G.
2008 Smith, M.
2009 Maltby, C.
2010 Jablonsky, N.
2011 Bigelow, K.
2012 Gekas, C.
2013 Wylie, A.
2014 Thorne, P.
2015 Stapleton, M.
2016 Newton, A. C.
2017 Pullin, E. J.
2018 Walpole, P.

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