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MOGG, Marcus Mason (1860-1903)

MOGG, Marcus Mason (1860-1903)

Marcus Mogg, son of Valentine Nott Mogg and Selina, nee Mason was born at St Arnaud on 1 February 1860. He was enrolled at Geelong College on 28 January 1875. His address at the time of enrolment was Swanwater, St Arnaud. His parents married in 1855. At College he was a member of the 1st Football XVIIIs of 1877 and 1878 and winner of the Geelong College Cup in 1877.

Marcus Mogg was awarded the following prizes as listed in the Annual Reports:
1875 1st, History, 3rd Class
1875 2nd, Latin, 1st Class
1875 3rd, Scripture, 3rd Class
1875 1st, Boarders Scripture History, 2nd Class
1875 1st Reading, 2nd Class
1876 2nd, Dux, 4th Class
1876 2nd English, 3rd Class
1876 2nd Geography, 3rd Class
1876 1st History, 3rd Class
1876 1st Euclid, 1st Class
1876 1st Mensuration
1876 2nd Scripture, 3rd Class
1876 1, New Testament History, 3rd Class
1876 3rd Book Keeping
1877 2nd English History Geography, 4th Class

See his brother, Valentine Vincent Mogg (1873-1943), for the history of the Mogg Family and the possible naming of Mogg's Creek.

He died on 7 April 1903, aged 44 years.

The Bacchus Marsh Express newsppaer reported his death:
‘The death of Councillor Marcus Mason Mogg on Tuesday last has caused general regret wherever he was known. The deceased was an exceptionally agreeable and useful public man, and it is a great pity that his career has closed. Of him it can truthfully be said - " He should have died hereafter." He was extremely earnest and painstaking in all his work, and scrupulously anxious to be equitable and thorough in his judgment of men and events. As a candidate for Grant a few years ago he showed all these qualities, and polled remarkably well. As President of the Ballan Agricultural Society, he did good work - no man ever did better. As a member for the South Riding of the Shire of Ballan, he was no perfunctory occupant of a chair at the Council table. In all his relations with other public bodies, or other towns, he set a high minded example of freedom from petty jealousy, or small-minded antagonism, which is much needed in every community. His health was not strong, and like so many men of that constitution, his will power fretted out his strength unduly.

Some months ago he had illnesses of a paralytic character, and at the last Ballan Council meeting which he attended, on 2nd March last, he contemplated retiring into private life at the seaside in the hope that complete rest would restore his health, as he was naturally enough reluctant to believe that his 44 years of life were the span allotted to him. However, as it has been well said - "Not to live long, but to live well," is the highest merit, and,all the relatives and friends of the late Councillor M. M, Mogg have the full knowledge that he attained that ideal in every relation of life. He leaves a widow (a daughter of the late worthy pioneer, Mr. Dugald Macpherson, of Bungeeltap and Nhill, and other places) also a young son.’

His brother, MOGG, Valentine Vincent (1873-1943) and cousin, William James Mogg (1856-1908) were also educated at Geelong College.

Sources: The Argus (Melb) 8 April 1903 p1 (NLA); The Bacchus Marsh Express 11 April 1903 p2 (NLA).
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