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First known to be awarded in the 1879 Annual Report, this sporting prize was listed at times in the 1880s as either the 440 yds Steeplechase or 150 yds open sprint. Sometimes it was referred to as the Masters' Plate rather than the Masters' Trophy. For most of the years it was listed it was usually awarded to the winner of the 150 yards open handicap race. From about 1903 to 1905 onwards the race was not always listed as the Masters Trophy though the 150 yards open handicap continued as an event. In 1927 and 1929 the Master' Cup seems to have been awarded as the 2nd prize of the College Cup. It was no longer listed after 1929.

Masters' Trophy Awardees:

1879 McArthur, S. (440 yds Steeplechase)
1880 McPherson, W. (150 yds open)
1881 Not Listed
1882 Not Listed
1883 Glassford, C. G. (150 yds open)
1884 Calvert, R. (150 yds Masters' Plate)
1885 McArthur, L. (150 yds Masters' Plate)
1886 Jarrett, A.
1887 Timms, A. (440 yds Steeplechase Masters' Plate)
1888 Hensley, J. (150 yds Open)
1889 Timms, A. (150 yds Masters' Plate)
1890 Warby, A.
1891 Strickland, F.
1892 Hobson, C.
1893 McIntosh, J.
1894 Warby, S.
1895 McPherson, G.
1896 Stock, A. C.
1897 Braham, R.
1898 Dixon, B.
1899 Stock, L.
1900 Green, A. S.
1901 Stodart, F.
1902 Timms, C. G.
1903 Lupton, F.
1904 Pawsey, C. R.
1905 Maclean, A. G.
1906 Birnie, G. A.
1907 Cherry, G. F.
1908 Reid, G. C. F.
1909 Smith, L. S.
1910 Walker, D. S.
1911 Hooper, A. A.
1912 Pillow, R. N.
1913 Sprigg, J. G. H.
1914 Mackay, E. E.
1915 McKenzie, S. A.
1916 Gross, E. V.
1917 Gross, E. V.
1918 Barnett, R.
1919 Ising, T.
1920 Bell, C. C.
1921 Greeves, E. G.
1922 Mackay, R. C.
1923 Reilly, C. P.
1924 Atkins, N. G.
1925 McGregor, C. A.
1926 Gray, G. S.

1927 Matheson, E. E. (2nd College Cup)
1928 Palmer, N. (Listed only as 150yds Open Handicap)
1929 Barber, G. T. (2nd College Cup)

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