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KEARNEY, Augustus Daniel (1870-1907)

KEARNEY, Dr Augustus Daniel (1870-1907)

'Gus' Kearney, 1891 (Footballer).

'Gus' Kearney, 1891 (Footballer).

'Gus' Kearney was a legendary sportsman who excelled at cricket, football and tennis.

Born at Kyneton to parents, Michael Kearney and Jane nee Dunn, he was educated at the Geelong College from 1881 to about 1991. He was a member of both the 1st Football Team and 1st Cricket teams from 1887 to 1891. He captained the football team in 1891 and the cricket team for three years from 1889 to 1891.
He also gained the following academic awards:
1882, 1st, Arithmetic, 2nd Class.
1882, 1st, Drawing, 1st Class.
1883, 2nd, Geography, 3rd Class.
1883, Free Hand Drawing, Junior Class.
1885, 1st, Arithmetic, 3rd Class.
1885, 1st, Free Hand Drawing, Junior Class.
1885, 1st Music.
1886, 1st, Free Hand Drawing.
1887, 1st, Free Hand Drawing.
1887, Champion Gymnast.
1888, 1st, Architectural Drawing.
1888, Champion Gymnast.
1888, 1st, Gymnastics, 3rd Class.
1889, 1st, Gymnastics, 3rd Class.
1890, 1st, Euclid, University Class.
1890, 1st, Gymnastics, 3rd Class.
1890, Champion Gymnast.

In 1890 and 1891, while still at school, he won the Inter-colonial Tennis Singles Championship and played for Victoria. In 1890, again still a student at College, he played with the Geelong Football Club (GFC). After leaving College, he commenced playing in 1892 with the then VFA Essendon Football Club and was one of its most reliable players for many years until 1896. He was vice-captain of the Essendon Team when it first entered the VFL in 1897 and won the premiership that year. He played 18 games in the VFL before furthering his medical studies at Edinburgh, Scotland.

His brother, Michael Kearney (1869-1945) was an equally distinguished sportsman while at School. Each year, a prize, known as the Dr 'Gus' Kearney Memorial Prize is given in his name to a student who gives outstanding service to the best interests of the College.
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