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K H TAYLOR CUP for MUSIC (Preparatory School inter-house music)

The 'K H Taylor Cup for Music' was an award for the winner of the House Music Competition at the Preparatory School. It was first introduced in 1963.

The large award trophy with lid and dark plastic stand is engraved: 'House Music Trophy My The Geelong College Ever Continue To Extend The Hand of Friendship Presented by K H Taylor USA December 1963.'

Pegasus magazine of June 1964 reported in the Preparatory School Report that: ‘Mr K H Taylor who is returning to America, has kindly donated a permanent trophy for these yearly inter-house music competitions. This will be a reminder of our pleasant association and of American-Australian goodwill’.

K H Taylor was the parent or guardian of Bruce Harold Tylor who was enrolled at the Geelong College Preparatory School from 18 August 1962 to November 1963. Bruce Taylor was born in the United States and presumably returned there after leaving College. No further information is currently known about K H Taylor, or his son, Bruce.

Awardees of the K H Taylor Cup for Music:

1963 Bellerophon
1964 Pegasus
1965 Helicon
1966 Helicon
1967 Helicon
1968 Pegasus
1969 Bellerophon
1970 Bellerophon
1971 Helicon
1972 (Not Listed)
1973 (Not Listed)
1974 (Not Listed)

Sources: Pegasus June 1964 p56.
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