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HISTORY PRIZE (Revolutions)

HISTORY PRIZE (Revolutions)

The 'History Prize (Revolutions)' is a current, annually awarded, academic prize. It was first listed in 1991 and is a specfic continuation of the earlier History Prize.

History Prize (Revolutions) Awardees:

1992 Spear, J.
1993 Bayley, R.
1994 Neal, D.
1995 Kaye, E.
1996 Emselle, F.
1997 Cochrane, L.
1998 Ryan, E.
1999 Reichl, C.
2000 Seaward, K.
2001 Cameron, E.
2002 Simmonds, C.
2003 Brown, S.
2004 Shum, D.
2005 Prest, L.
2006 Hurley, M.
2007 James, S.
2008 Simson, E.
2009 Mann, E.
2010 Baulch, W.
........ Bowden, W.
2011 Kvant, A.
2012 Gekas, C.
2013 Curnow, J.
........ McClelland, S.
2014 Watson, S.
2015 Burns, L.
2016 McLaughlin, M. R.
2017 Malakellis, A. L.
2018 McGucken, E.
2019 Illingworth, O. S.

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