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The 'Harry Hooper Environmental Science Prize' is a current, annually offered, academic award. It was formerly known as the Harry Hooper Agricultural Science Prize until 1976 and was first awarded in 1954.

Funds were donated by Mrs H R Hooper to establish a permanent prize in memory of her husband Henry 'Harry' Hooper, a local government councillor and businessman. It was noted by the Principal in 1953 that the prize was to be awarded in the subject of Agricultural Science, a subject which will be added to the Leaving Certificate curriculum in 1954.

Harry Hooper Environmental Prize Awardees:

1954 Troeth, J. R.
1955 McDonal, F. N.
1956 Dennis, W. H. S.
1957 Gawith, D. A. T.
1958 Not Awarded
1959 Stewart, A. G.
1960 MacPherson, M. R.
1961 McDonell, H.
1962 Read, J. W.
1963 Bade, G. W.
1964 Henshilwood, J. R.
1965 Funston, P. T.
1966 Carstairs, R. T.
1967 Williamson, G. R.
1968 Smith, I. R.
1969 Young, P. C.
1970 Balfour, G. C.
1971 Bourchier, B. S.
1972 Royce, M. L.
1973 Ware, A. D.
1974 Ware, S. B.
1975 McKindlay, G. M.
1976 Hutton, G. A. (Agricultural)
1977 Matheson, R. (Environmental)
1978 Fabb, S.
1979 George, D.
........ Nelson, S.
1981 Walpole, M.
1982 Pretty, R.
1983 Buchanan, A.
1984 Brenner, M.
1985 Cheatley, J.
........ Wylie, S.
1986 Connelly, J.
1987 Garrett, M.
1988 Apted, B.
........ Bell, S.
1989 Tatman, A.
1990 Shirley, R.
1991 Ashby, D.
1992 Middleton, A.
1993 Hazell, S.
1994 Le Grew, Y.
1995 Mol, V.
1996 Mason, R.
1997 McEwan, J.
1998 Chapple, E.
1999 Gwyther, J.
2000 Nancarrow, G.
2001 Clyne, A.
2002 Halsall, L.
2003 Betts, S.
2004 Warren, A.
2005 Smith, S.
2006 Amon, F.
2007 Tsing, N.
2008 Hurley, J. M.
2009 Mims, N.
2010 Desborough, C.
2011 McDonald, T
2012 Vaughan, Z.
2013 Seller, H.
2014 George, D.
2015 Burns, L.
2016 Blight, A.
2017 Dwyer, C. H.
2018 Hill, H.
........ Skene, E.
2019 Nagle, J. M.

Sources: Pegasus December 1953 p11.
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