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The H H Purnell Memorial Prize was originally awarded as the dux prize, firstly for Form V, then Form IVA, but after a set of changes in 1939 and 1948 it became the dux prize for Form VE and other Forms V. The Douglas Higgins Memorial Prize became the dux prize of Form IVA in 1948. Up to 1939 the Mrs T S Hawkes Memorial Prize was awarded for the dux of the Third Form but became the award for IVA until 1948 after which it was awarded to Form VM.

The prize was named in memory of Henry Purnell (1893-1918) when his parents provided funds for the award in 1935. It was originally intended as the dux prize for the Preparatory School.

In 1953, the Hawkes and Purnell Prizes were reversed in the Speech Day list.

No 'H H Purnell' award was made from 1955 onwards.

H H Purnell Memorial Prize Awardees:

1941 Ostberg, C. F. (V)
1942 McLean, K. H. (V)
1943 Collier, K. R. (V)
1944 Currie, D. T.b(IVA)
1945 Wigley, B. J. (IVA)
1946 Varley, J. E. (IVA)
1947 Henderson, G. N. (IVA)
1948 Currie, G. D. (VE)
1949 Price, N. F. (VE)
1950 Coombe, J. B. (VE)
1951 Sutherland, P. W. (VE)
1952 Sherson, N. D. (VD)
1953 Deacon, G. M. (VM)
1954 Sutherland, D. N. (VM)

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