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The Geography Prize is a current, annually offered, academic award. It was first offered in its current form in 1988.

Geography Prize Awardees:

1988 Andrews, S.
1989 Heard, J.
1990 Lawson, P.
1991 Perkins, K.
1992 Spragg, C.
1993 Cosgriff, H.
1994 Smith, A.
1995 Naylor, K.
1996 Simms, E.
1997 Gross, S.
1998 Falkiner, S.
1999 Hamilton, A.
2000 Allen, G.
2001 Nation, C.
2002 Waayers, P.
2003 Amezdroz, Nicholas
2004 Warren, A.
2005 Boyle, C.
2006 Rockefeller, M.
2007 Hurley, J.
2008 Thoms, L.
2009 Filling, N.
2010 Wilson, A.
2011 Beggs, M.
2012 Fanning, G.
2013 Philpott, M.
2014 Goodear, S.
........ McAllister, M.
2015 King, T.
2016 Skuza, D. J.
2017 Hedditch, C. A.
2018 Batten, G.

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